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    40 Cozy Styles That Make Relaxing Look So Good

    Just because you've been on the couch all day doesn't mean you have to look like you've been on the couch all day.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women’s.

    1. An oversized crewneck sweater made with lightweight alpaca yarn for a warm sweater that won't have you sweltering within minutes of putting it on.

    a model wearing the oversized crewneck sweater in burgundy color

    2. A pair of tie-dye sweatpants because you tried the Pinterest tutorial to DIY your own pair, and things didn't quite go as planned. Just cop these instead.

    a model wearing the the tie dye sweatpants

    3. A long-sleeve shorts set reviewers say is a great "cute and comfy" outfit for days on the couch or trips to the store.

    4. A wool coat reviewers say is a super chic addition to their wardrobe. Not only is it warm and cozy, but it also instantly elevates your OOTD.

    a model wearing the wool coat in green

    5. A padded jacket perfect for people who run between hot and cold pretty quickly.

    a model wearing the padded jacket

    6. A pair of high-waisted leggings that'll slide on like butta. Get ready to fight the urge to slip right back into bed after putting them on.

    7. A striped cardigan with an array of bright colors that'll let you carry around your own rainbow on even the most gloomy of days.

    a model wearing the striped cardigan turned around showing all of the different colors

    8. A wool skirt because there are few things better than a wool skirt, a perfect latte, and a brisk stroll along the promenade.

    9. A drawstring skirt with a matching top that offers a twist on wearing traditional sweats.

    a model wearing the heathered gray drawstring skirt and matching top

    10. A pair of opaque tights that you don't have to worry about snagging during your morning commute and by morning commute, I mean the walk from the bed to the kitchen.

    BuzzFeed editor modeling a pair of the opaque tights in slate

    11. An open front fleece hoodie on those days where you have to get dressed but you'd much rather be at home in a comfy robe.

    a reviewer wearing the open front fleece hoodie in the color pink

    12. A long-sleeve romper for the days when you just want to ~hop out the bed, and turn your swag on~.

    a model wearing the romper

    13. A graphic crewneck sweatshirt that'll not only keep you warm, but will also serve as a little reminder for yourself and others to be nice.

    a model wearing the graphic crewneck sweatshirt in white that reads be kind and has different color arms signing each letter

    14. A pair of balloon pants made for that get-up-and-go look that can easily be dressed up with a few rad accessories and switch of the shoes.

    a model wearing the balloon pants in the color nile blue

    15. An oversized button down with plenty of room to fit the food baby on Taco Tuesday. Plus, who doesn't love a good corduroy?

    a model wearing the oversized button down top in the color brown

    16. A pair of Ugg slides known for their super soft interior. Your feet will never want to be freed from these slippers. And, let's face it, you know you need new slippers. 👀

    a reviewer photo wearing the ugg slides in pink

    17. A pair of ankle pants with an elastic waste for a casual look and feel. And, they have functional pockets!

    a model wearing the ankle pants

    18. A cable knit sweater fashioned with adorable details down the center, and ruffles that make for an effortless put-together look.

    a model wearing the sweater in cream

    19. A crisp white tee reviewers say is a great must-have staple to keep in your closet. Everyone needs a white tee.

    a model wearing the white tee

    20. A pair of roomy mom jeans that'll give you plenty of room to move around so you can give your sweatpants a vacation day.

    a model wearing the high waist jeans in the color blackberry that looks like a vintage acid wash black denim

    21. A sherpa-lined denim jacket because you throw on a denim jacket with every outfit but need a little extra warmth.

    a model wearing the sherpa lined denim jacket in a medium denim wash

    22. A pair of trouser pants you definitely want to add to your wardrobe if you're looking for a more professional pant but want to still feel as comfy as you would if you were wearing sweats. These will get you close.

    23. A pocket wrap because it takes a lot to get out of bed these days, and once you do, you deserve to curl up in something super soft and cozy.

    A model wearing the pocket wrap in river which appears to be a light blue

    24. A onesie perfect for the days when April showers start to bring May flowers. Now all you need is a good book, a few candles, and your fave tea — let the vibes begin.

    a model wearing the onesie in the style heart beats

    25. A color-block sweatshirt with an oversized fit and bright colors that rekindles major '90s nostalgia.

    a model wearing the color block sweatshirt

    26. A velour tracksuit to wear on a chilly day and reminisce about old times when you'd curl up on the couch with your flip phone and play snake.

    Two reviewers wearing matching blue tracksuits

    27. A basic tank reviewers say has a great flow and a soft feel, good for all seasons.

    a model wearing the basic tank in the color navy

    28. A ribbed knit skirt reviewers say is super cute ~and~ comfy, even for baby 'bumpin parents-to-be. 🤰🏽

    29. A positive hoodie because even on the grumpiest of mornings, your hoodie can be the very thing to cheer up a random stranger, and usher in the good vibes.

    the positive hoodie in white that reads dear person behind me I hope today doesn't suck lots of love the person in front of you

    30. A turtleneck sweater made with drop shoulders and ribbed cuffs, neck, and waistline that'll pair great with a high waist pant.

    a model wearing the turtleneck sweater in green

    31. A seamless ribbed bra top that'll offer a lot of versatility when piecing together outfits.

    the seamless ribbed bra top in white

    32. A pair of period leggings because there's no better time to wear comfy clothing than when you're on your period. With these leggings, you get the comfort and the protection so you don't have to worry about leaking through. ~No undies needed~.

    the period leggings in black

    33. A pair of waffle joggers that'll melt onto your body for a super warm kind of feeling.

    the waffle joggers in the color ochre which looks like a camel color

    34. A camo sweat suit to throw on for a warm and instantly put together look.

    the camo sweat suit

    35. An animal print cardigan to add a wild touch to any everyday outfit.

    36. A beanie for the days where you need a little extra warmth with a scoop of spook.

    The beanie

    37. A fleece pullover made from 100% recycled polyester so you'll be able to relax even better knowing that your eco-friendly purchase helped the planet.

    the fleece pullover in pink

    38. A hoodie dress for when you can't decide between rocking a hoodie or a dress. Now, you can have the best of both worlds.

    a model wearing the hoodie dress in the color brown which looks like burnt orange

    39. A pair of legwarmers so you can still wear your fave shorts in cooler months, and keep your stems nice and warm. Or, you can just wear them at home for when you're chilly but not like freezing.

    the legwarmers

    40. A bodysuit reviewers say adorns the body perfectly leaving a smooth and flattering silhouette for all body types.

    a model wearing the bodysuit in black having fun outdoors

    When someone forgets to compliment you on your new cozy clothing:

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