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    If You're Into Sci-Fi, You'll Love These 26 Products

    Us many changes time brings, but products that are timeless here are.

    1. An Alien movie poster, because who doesn't appreciate this 1979 classic? It'll look great in your living room, where you can gaze at it longingly when it's your partner's turn to choose a movie.

    The Alien movie poster hung up on a wall in a living room

    2. A copy of Dawn that'll start you on your journey through the brilliant Xenogenesis trilogy. It's written by Octavia E. Butler, who was the first science fiction writer ever to receive the Genius Grant.

    The cover of Octavia Butler's Dawn

    3. A wooden Dune phone case, because if "the mystery of life isn't a problem to solve, but a reality to experience," then you should enjoy the reality of this hand-carved (!!!) tech accessory.

    An intricately carved wooden phone case based on Dune

    4. A Star Fluxx card game with ever-changing rules that'll keep you and your roommates entertained while you hang indoors. Reviewers say it's easy to learn and super addictive once you get into it.

    The contents of the game in and around its box

    5. A Star Wars colouring book that'll give your restless mind a break from your electronics. It'll be a great way to recharge after a stressful day — may the Force be with you while you take a breath and colour inside the lines.

    The cover of the star wars colouring book

    6. An iconic Doctor Who sticker you can stick on your laptop or phone case to remind you of Time And Relative Dimension In Space every time you look at it.

    A person holding the holographic TARDIS sticker

    7. A Matrix patch that speaks nothing but the truth. You can iron it onto a jean jacket or backpack, which is great if you aren't exactly a whiz with a needle and thread.

    A Matrix patch that says wet for neo on it

    8. A set of two Baby Yoda figurines, because you'd be lying if you refused to acknowledge how freaking cute this little 50-year-old boop is. Admit it. You love Baby Yoda.

    9. A copy of The Secret History Of Twin Peaks that'll help you delve you even deeper into the world of the original series. If you've been chewing over the unexplained phenomena the show is famous for, this book will give you the context you've always wanted.

    The cover of The Secret History of Twin Peaks by Mark Frost

    10. Or this hilarious Twin Peaks cookbook that'll give you recipes dedicated to dishes from the show. Laura Palmer's turkey melt? Annie Blackburn's cornbread? Yup, they're in there.

    The cover of Lindsey Bowden's Damn Fine Cherry Pie

    11. A pair of lightsaber chopsticks that'll make you feel like a kid again. Let the nostalgia wash over you while you chow down on takeout and rewatch The Empire Strikes Back.

    Glowing lightsaber chopsticks on a table

    12. A pack of vinyl stickers that are literally out of this world. You can put them on your laptop, phone case, or even use them in your bullet journal.

    A person holding a cute alien sticker that says space girl on it

    13. A copy of Neuromancer that'll let you escape into a dystopian reality that isn't your own for once (woo!). It's one of the best examples of cyberpunk literature and basically a rite of passage for anyone who's into that kind of stuff.

    The cover of Neuromancer

    14. A hilarious pair of socks that'll just tickle you pink if you love The Office (or bears, beets, and Battlestar Gallactica).

    A person wearing the socks with bears, aliens, and beets on them

    15. An Expanse t-shirt that'll remind you that Jim Holden was right — we do live in strange times. If you're a fan of the show (or the awesome book series it is based on), it would be a great (and wildly relevant) addition to your WFH wardrobe.

    A t-shirt with a solar system and the words we live in strange times written on it

    16. A ~replica~ of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, because if you've watched Blade Runner, you should probably read the book it's based on.

    The cover of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep

    17. A waffle and pancake maker that'll jazz up your morning with a galactic breakfast. I don't care what anyone says, you don't have to be a kid to enjoy alien-shaped food.

    18. And a Darth Vader apron that you should absolutely wear while you make said galactic breakfast. You can also use it as part of your Darth Vader Halloween costume when October rolls around!

    Someone wearing the darth vader apron

    19. A copy of The Movie Art of Syd Mead that'll make you ooh and aah at his futuristic mind of visual mastery. Reviewers say this hefty collection is a perfect mix of narrative, design process, and art.

    20. A Rick and Morty Risk game that'll have you taking over the whole galaxy in no time. It's a perfect twist on the classic board game, if you're a fan of the popular Adult Swim series.

    The contents of the Rick and Morty Risk game

    21. An Akira movie poster that'll flaunt your undying love for Neo-Tokyo and Japanese cyberpunk. It'll look amazing on your bedroom wall or in a frame on your desk.

    The Akira movie poster

    22. An Alien colouring book, because what could be more therapeutic than colouring in the intricate details of your childhood nightmares?

    The cover of the Alien colouring book

    23. An X-Files patch that is based on the poster that hangs in Agent Mulder's office. Iron it onto your fave backpack and enjoy the knowing glances of fellow fans.

    A patch with a UFO and the words I want to believe on it

    24. A Star Wars lamp that uses acrylic plates shaped like R2-D2, the Death Star, and the Millennium Falcon to create the illusion of 3D projections. Reviewers love the colourful glow it emits and say it's perfect to use as an ambient nightlight.

    The three shapes of the lamp

    25. A retro Blade Runner print that'll add a fun splash of neon dystopia to your apartment. Reviewers love that it's printed on canvas and say the contrasting colours are vibrant, deep, and flawless.

    The Blade Runner canvas print against a brick wall

    26. And finally, the official Klingonese Course from Duolingo that'll teach you the official language of the fictional Klingon species. Are you ready to communicate with this ruthless warrior race? Lumbe' tlhInganpu'!

    Star Trek illustrations introducing the Klingon course

    Live long and prosper, y'all!

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