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    21 Products That'll Take Your Home Gym To The Next Level

    Because it's power hour.

    1. An exercise ball that'll feel wildly amazing to stretch out over. You can use it to amp up your core workouts, as a prop for your online Pilates class, or even as an alternative to your stiff office chair.

    A person stretch over top of the exercise ball

    2. A slim Fitbit that'll keep track of your daily exercise, so you can focus on those smokin' pythons you got there. It comes with one free year of Fitbit premium, which will give you a larger range of personal stats and guidance programs than just using the free app.

    Three Fitbit Inspire health trackers in three colours

    3. A clamp that'll transform your dumbbells into kettlebells. Reviewers love that it turns the weights they already own into multipurpose training equipment, without breaking the bank.

    A dumbell with the clamp attached to its bar

    4. A pair of yoga blocks that'll get you a little closer to touching your toes. They also come with a strap you can use to increase flexibility and deepen your stretch.

    5. A ball chair that'll activate those core muscles while you sit at your desk. The supportive back bar is adjustable, so you can choose how high or low it is. Reviewers say it has helped them relieve back pain, improve their posture, and boost their energy levels.

    A person stretching as they sit on the balance ball chair in their office

    6. A deck of Yoga exercise cards that'll give you a range of poses to practice and learn. Each card has an illustration, description, and a code you can scan to access an online video tutorial of each posture (designed by a certified yoga instructor).

    A person reading the cards, with a few laid out on the floor

    7. These Nike training shoes, because you should designate a pair that you wear indoors only. They've got a wide heel to help keep you stabilized while you lift and a flexible toe that'll get you through your next at-home HIIT session.

    A person wearing the Nike Free Metcom 3 training shoes

    8. A pair of gymnastic rings that'll take your calisthenics training to new heights (literally). Reviewers love how easy it is to adjust the straps (thanks to the numbered guidelines and heavy-duty carabiners), and that their hands haven't slipped or blistered on the wooden rings.

    A person holding onto the fitness rings

    9. A skipping rope that'll add some ~pizzazz~ to your cardio workout. Reviewers love that the handles are slightly weighted, because it gives them a bit of an arm workout while they skip, too.

    A rolled up skipping rope against a block

    10. A roll out set that'll give you everything you need to rehabilitate your muscles. These babies can help to relieve tension, be used to warm-up before exercising, and flush out built-up lactic acid. Reviewers recommend using the spiked ball on your feet — the tiny points get right into those sore spots you didn't even know were there.

    A hard roller, foam roller, spiked massage ball, and a smooth massage ball

    11. A set of dumbbells that'll kick your booty into gear, despite being lightweight. Reviewers say they're great for workouts with high reps, or for anyone who's just beginning their weight lifting journey.

    A person using the eight pound weights in a pushup position, next to the triangular rack where the other two pairs are stored

    12. A set of interlocking foam tiles that'll protect your floor (and your bod) from scuffs, because sometimes a yoga mat just isn't enough. It'll cushion you while you stretch, and give you enough grip while you sweat it out.

    Interlocking foam tiles with a pair of 8 pound weights sitting on one

    13. A pair of core sliders that'll transform planks and mountain climbers, forever. You can use these things to enhance a ton of exercises — and finally say goodbye to that ratty old towel you've been using for lateral lunges.

    A person on all fours, with the sliders under their feet

    14. A set of resistance bands that'll tone your glutes, help with flexibility, and add a little extra spice to your next workout. They're super easy to store at home, which is truly a blessing if you live in a tiny apartment and don't have space for a bunch of equipment.

    A person with the medium resistance band stretched around their feet, with the other four from the set laid in front of them

    15. A super sturdy ab roller that'll whoop your core into shape. Reviewers say the handles are non-slip, and that they love the extra support of having two wheels.

    A person using the ab roller by holding on to the bar that runs through the middle of the wheel

    16. A pair of ankle weights that'll save you from tucking a dumbbell into the crease of your knee. You can adjust each band to hold between one and five pounds by adding or taking out the weighted inserts.

    Three people using the ankle weights for donkey kicks on mats in a well lit studio

    17. A plastic insulated water bottle that'll keep your aqua cold far past the end of your workout. It has a leak-proof lock, but the spout is self-sealing too —meaning it won't let any water out unless you squeeze it.

    18. An anti-slip exercise mat that's on the thicker side for comfort, to give you somewhere besides your rug to do your morning flow. It has markers on it that are designed to help you focus on your alignment and improve your practice.

    A person doing downward dog with their dog

    19. A chin-up bar that'll fit in your doorway, so you can get your pump on any time you feel like it. It'll sit securely on your door frame without screwing it in, so you can pop it on and off as you please.

    20. A medicine ball that'll jazz up your weight lifting routine. Reviewers say its textured surface provides great grip, so it won't slip through your fingers during your obliques workout.

    A person doing a side bend while holding a medicine ball over their head

    21. And finally, a massage gun that'll help ease your sore muscles on rest day. It comes with five different massage heads, so you can really get a handle on those annoying knots.

    A massage gun plugged into an outlet

    Welcome to the gun show.

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