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    26 Valentine's Day Gifts That Won't Make Them Cringe

    Because no one wants to wince at a present!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A weighted blanket that'll help them chill the heck out and get some sleep. It'll make them feel like they're being swaddled in a giant hug, which will instantly calm them down.

    A person swaddled under a weighted blanket
    Amazon / Via

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $58.65+. Available in 12 colours and 15 sizes.

    2. A copy of Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking that'll inspire them to experiment with new ingredients. It includes a combination of recipes and theory, so it'll give them a deeper understanding of why things taste the way they do.

    The cover of Salt Fat Acid Heat by Samin Nosrat
    @ciaosamin / Via

    Get the hardcover on Amazon Canada for $38.06 (also available on Kindle).

    3. A bath tray that'll keep their wine and phone handy while they bask in Epsom salts. It has grooves and slots to help keep their things from sliding around and extendable arms that'll fit on most bathtubs.

    A person lounging in a bubble bath while watching something on a tablet that is sitting on the bathtub tray
    Amazon / Via

    Get them a bathtub pillow to amp up their bathing experience.

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $49.99.

    4. A deck of tarot cards that'll help them tap into the occult and look ~within~. It comes with a guidebook that'll get them started with the basics, including different spreads and card meanings.

    The Hermit tarot card next to its meaning described in a book
    Amazon / Via

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $25.95.

    5. A trio of hanging terrariums that'll inspire them to become a plant parent and make their house a little cuter. They're perfect for succulents or cacti, which your partner will love if low-maintenance plants are more their speed.

    Three geometric hanging terrariums with plants inside in a living room
    Amazon / Via

    You'll probably want to give them gravel, cactus soil, and even a pack of fertilizer spikes, too.

    Get the set of three on Amazon Canada for $39.99.

    6. Or a set of glass bulb planters that'll give their WFH desk a refreshing upgrade. You'll want to pair it with a plant like pothos, which can thrive in water alone and are a cinch to care for.

    Three glass bulbs on a stand with water plants
    Amazon / Via

    Get the set on Amazon Canada for $23.90.

    7. A colourful 1,000-piece puzzle that'll keep their brain working and entertained, at the same time. The best part is, you can package it as an ~experience~ and do it together!

    The colourful 1,000-piece puzzle of a cliff-side village
    Amazon / Via

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $21.99.

    8. A pack of highly-pigmented markers that'll bring out your beau's inner Picasso. Reviewers love that each marker has two tips — a fine point for outlines and a thicker one for colouring.

    A few of the markers next to a vibrant illustration of a grapefruit slice
    Amazon / Via

    It also comes with a colourless blending marker that'll let them experiment with different techniques. Just make sure they have a sketchbook they can use them with!

    Get the pack of 40 on Amazon Canada for $32.99 (originally $49.99).

    9. An impressive chess set that'll look beautiful on their coffee table. Reviewers love that each piece was carved by hand and say that its rustic aesthetic elevates their playing experience.

    A beautiful wood chess board with its wooden pieces
    Etsy / Via

    Get it from Deepearthsource on Etsy for $127.34+ (originally $141.49+). Available with or without a custom engraving.

    10. A rose quartz facial set that'll boost their at-home spa energy. It comes with a double-sided roller and a gua sha scraper that'll help soothe tension, decrease puffiness, and promote circulation.

    The roller next to the scraping tool on a mat
    Amazon / Via

    You might want to pair it with a calming face oil, too.

    Get the set of two on Amazon Canada for $29.95.

    11. Their pet's portrait in watercolour, because their fur baby deserves some love this Valentine's day, too. You can get up to four pets painted in one portrait, so if they have multiple pets, you won't have to pick favourites.

    A person hanging up their pets portrait
    Etsy / Via

    Get it from Premvy on Etsy for $27.99+ (originally $39.99+). Available in four sizes as a poster print, canvas, digital file, or in a frame.

    12. A portable Bose speaker that'll let them crank their favourite tunes wherever they are. Reviewers say they're astonished by the clarity and power this thing has, regardless of its itty-bitty size.

    A person lying next to the speaker in bed
    Amazon / Via

    It's also waterproof, so they can take it with them outdoors without worrying about the weather.

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $129. Available in three colours.

    13. A pair of whisky glasses that'll give both of you something special to cheers with. Reviewers say they're weighted perfectly and that they love the stylish striped design.

    Two whisky glasses filled with whisky on a wood table
    Amazon / Via

    Get the set of two on Amazon Canada for $26.99.

    14. An air diffuser that'll help them find their inner zen. It'll revitalize the air around them for up to seven hours and let them explore the benefits of aromatherapy with essential oils.

    The air diffuser on a desk in a bright room glowing a soft orange colour while shooting mist out of the top
    Amazon / Via

    They'll also have the option to use it as ambient, multi-coloured lighting.

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $39.99.

    15. An insulated thermos that'll keep their morning coffee piping hot until the end of the day. Reviewers say it's totally leakproof, so they won't have to worry about it spilling in their backpack.

    A person pouring coffee from a kettle into a vacuum insulated thermos
    @stanley_brand / Via

    It'll keep their drinks icy in the summer, too.

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $32.97. Also available in a larger size.

    16. A funky neon light that'll give their room a majestic vibe. Reviewers say they like how it doesn't heat up while it's on and how the weighted base keeps it from toppling over.

    The unicorn light on a bed
    Amazon / Via

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $69.99.

    17. A sleek, multi-purpose bike tool that anyone who rides a bike should have. They can also use it around the house for a quick fix that doesn't require busting out the whole toolbox.

    Amazon / Via

    This thing is jam-packed with 8 tools in total, plus a ~stylish~ case.

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $31.59.

    18. A teak bowl candle that'll look elegant on their nightstand. Reviewers say it will burn for up to 20 hours and that it smells like an absolute delight.

    The candle's triple wicks lit on a wooden table next to a plant
    Simons / Via

    Get it from Simons for $40.

    19. A beard-grooming kit that'll help hydrate and polish their facial hair. It's a fragrance-free set, so it won't overpower their senses (or distract from their signature scent).

    A double sided comb, beard balm, and beard oil together with their gift box
    Amazon / Via

    It comes with a double-sided comb, balm, and oil.

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $20.99.

    20. A macrame kit that'll give them the tools to make their own decorative wall hanging. It's suitable for beginners and comes with step-by-step instructions that'll teach them everything they need to know.

    The leaf-patterned macrame hanging on a wall next to a plant
    Etsy / Via

    It comes with a wooden dowel, a bundle of cotton cord, instructions, and a link to a video tutorial.

    Get it from MacrameByFiberKnots on Etsy for $38.25 (originally $45). Available in nine colours.

    21. A Kindle Paperwhite that'll give them the virtual library of their dreams. It's designed to be glare free, so they can use it without straining their eyes.

    A Kindle next to a cute dog
    @amazonkindle / Via

    It's also waterproof, so they can bring it camping (or fearlessly read in the tub).

    Get it on Amazon Canada for 139.99+.

    22. A nude flower vase that'll complement the rest of their ultra-rad decor. Each vase is handmade in Montreal, with certain *ahem* details hand painted with 14-karat gold.

    Two body-shaped flower vases with flowers sticking out of them
    Simons / Via

    Get it from Simons for $51. Available in three colours.

    23. A matte French press that'll serve up their daily cup of Joe in style. It'll strain their coffee through three reusable filters, so they won't end up with grounds in their mug.

    A matte french press on a cutting board
    Amazon / Via

    It's made out of steel, so they won't have to worry about it shattering into a million pieces like their last glass press. It also comes with a cork coaster and two extra reusable filters.

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $28.99+. Available in three sizes.

    24. A luxurious sleep mask that'll help them get their beauty sleep, without pulling their hair or irritating their eyes. It's hypoallergenic and made of silk, so it shouldn't upset their sweet, sensitive skin.

    Four silk eye masks for sleeping
    @slipsilkpillowcase / Via

    These masks even have dermatologists' stamp of approval.

    Get one at Sephora Canada for $70. Available in six colours.

    25. A well-crafted chef's knife that'll impress them, no matter how particular they might be when it comes to cooking. Reviewers love that it's practical, beautiful, and super easy to wield.

    A knife on a cutting board next to a lime, steak, and rosemary
    Amazon / Via

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $35.

    26. And finally, a massage gun that'll help ease their sore muscles in between RMT sessions. It comes with five different massage heads, so they can really get into those annoying knots.

    A massage gun plugged into an outlet
    Amazon / Via

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $141.99.

    Enjoy your not-so-cheesy Valentine's Day, y'all!


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