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    24 Things That'll Make Your Outdoor Hangs Even More Enjoyable

    From bike rides to picnics in the park.

    1. A string of outdoor lights that'll turn your yard into a rustic hangout space. Reviewers love that they emit a soft, warm glow, rather than being super bright and harsh.

    The stringed lights hanging in a backyard

    2. A squishy seat cushion that'll save your booty from your cold, hard saddle. It'll also save you from the fashion police (yes, there are alternatives to padded bike shorts!).

    The padded bike seat cover

    3. A set of citronella candles that'll keep those pesky mosquitoes at bay. They have lids, so you can easily pop one in your bag to bring with you on your next park hang.

    The jarred citronella candles

    4. A water-resistant blanket that'll accompany you on all of your beach excursions and picnics. It conveniently folds into a mini briefcase, so you can transport it easily.

    the picnic blanket folded up into a little briefcase

    5. A pair of Sheertex shorts that you can count on to keep your derriere covered under your favourite dresses. They'll prevent chafing, too, which will be a godsend for anyone who tends to get extra sweaty.

    a person wearing the sheertex shorts

    6. A pair of roller skates, because you've seen how cute everyone on TikTok looks when they glide around effortlessly. These babies even light up, so you'll look just as rad as your kid neighbours.

    One of the roller skates with light up wheels and a break on the front

    7. A cordless umbrella light that'll keep your patio table illuminated all night long. It has an adjustable clamp that'll automatically fit around an array of circumferences, so you won't need a screwdriver to take it on and off.

    The umbrella light on a pole

    8. A frisbee, so y'all have an alternative to just sitting around at the park. Your dog will probably love it, too.

    A frisbee with a star on it

    9. This clever outdoor outlet that'll extend your wifi connection to your backyard, so you can use your laptop while you lounge in the sun. You can pair it with a free app to control it, including scheduled turn ons and shut offs.

    the smart outlet with two sockets hanging against a wall

    10. A deck of waterproof cards, so you can play outside without worrying about 'em getting wrecked by the elements (or spilt beverages).

    Waterproof plastic cards

    11. This gigantic water bottle that'll make sure you won't run out of aqua on your next outdoor adventure. It comes with a sleeve that'll hold your phone, cards, and keys, so yes, it's basically a purse you can drink out of.

    12. A picnic set that comes with everything you need to enjoy an outdoor spread. It'll make planning for park dates or beach days a heck of a lot easier when it comes to packing for your outing!

    The picnic set with food and wine laying about

    13. An insulated thermos you can bring along on morning walks or hikes. This thing is big, so you'll definitely be able to share it with your partner.

    A person holding the large Stanely thermos

    14. A quick-release wire basket that'll help you carry your picnic supplies and other personal belongings. Reviewers love how easy it is to clip on and off and say that it doesn't rust in the rain whatsoever.

    The metal basket attached to the front of a bike

    15. This Spike Ball set that'll spice up your next backyard BBQ. It's an active two-on-two game that requires "spiking" the ball onto the net so it ricochets toward your opponent, so they can hit it back to you.

    A Spike Ball set up that includes a net, its stand, and three balls

    16. This sleek roll-top backpack that'll help you carry all of your belongings on your next commute. It has an adjustable loop specifically made to hold your bike lock, with a cushioned backside that'll make sure your items don't jab you.

    A person holding the roll-top backpack

    17. A rimmed sun hat that'll be a heck of a lot less fragile than your pricey sunglasses. Plus, what's hangin' in the sun without a fun (and practical) hat?

    an adidas bucket hat with an adjustable tie

    18. A portable espresso maker, so you can still have your Americano even if you're off adventuring in the woods. Just scoop your grinds into the filter basket, pour your boiled water into the tank, and pump out your fresh espresso.

    A person holding the portable espresso maker

    19. A set of colourful LED wheel lights that'll significantly increase your night-time visibility (and make you look like a literal rave on wheels). Reviewers say installation is effortless and that the lights are super vibrant.

    Two people riding bikes in the dark with bright lights on their wheels

    20. A pair of Sorel sandals that won't hurt your feet on long walks this summer. Please, step away from your flip flops and invest in something with some support!

    a person going up a flight of stair in the comfy sandals

    21. A waterproof Bluetooth speaker that'll attach to your backpack or handlebars with a super-strong silicone strap. It's mini, but powerful.

    The speaker attached to a bike

    22. A tube of Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen that'll keep the sun from damaging the sensitive skin on your face. It's completely transparent, so it won't leave a weird white cast on your face like a lot of other SPFs.

    Brittany holding up a tube of super goop's unseen sunscreen

    23. A portable chair, so you'll have somewhere to put your tush when it's wet out. They're great for camping, too, when you want something with back support to 'lax in after a long day of hikes.

    Two people sitting on foldable camping chairs by a dog on a beach

    24. And finally, this crossbody bag that'll carry all of your go-to items when you don't want to lug a backpack around. You can also wear around your waist like a fanny pack, which is perf if you're someone who cycles around town.

    a black fanny pack with two zippered pockets

    Because we love some good, old-fashioned outdoor fun!

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