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    21 Pearl Necklaces That'll Make You Look Like You Have Your Life Together

    The world is your oyster so you might as well throw on some pearls.

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    1. A luxurious white freshwater cultured pearl necklace affixed with a 14-karat gold clasp that's so stunning reviewers are wearing it on their wedding day and passing it down to their kids.

    2. A lightweight single pearl necklace simple enough to wear every day but ~elegant~ enough to be worn in engagement photos and maybe even down the aisle.

    3. A fun custom pearl choker necklace from Fraiser Sterling crafted from 14-karat gold plated zinc charms, freshwater pearls, and glass seed beads for a colorful twist to an otherwise classic piece of jewelry.

    4. A multi-strand freshwater cultured baroque pearl necklace so gorgeous I can't believe it costs less than $35??? My credit card physically jumped out of my wallet and onto my keyboard before I could even reach for it.

    5. A massive freshwater pearl necklace that honestly looks like its sole purpose of existence is to receive endless compliments. A statement piece for the ages, my friends.

    6. A zodiac mother of pearl necklace from Pura Vida for anyone whose zodiac sign has just become part of their personality at this point. What time were you born, by the way?

    7. A small pearl necklace from Mejuri made with cultured pearls from oysters and freshwater mussels strung on 18-karat gold vermeil. Fancy, I know.

    8. A gorgeous Akoya pearl necklace designed with pearls dotted in the shape of a halo hanging from a silver or 14-karat gold chain for a unique twist on the traditional pearl necklace.

    9. A luxurious Vivienne Westwood pearl necklace strung with glass-based Swarovski pearls and embellished with the brand's iconic Preciosa crystal-studded orb pendant.

    10. A unique 14-karat gold-plated half pearl half chain necklace just radiating ~vintage vibes~. Who said you needed to settle on an all-chain or all-pearl necklace, anyway?

    11. A Tahitian pearl necklace ~pearl-fect~ for the person whose wardrobe is already mostly black. *Throws on black sherpa jacket over black sweatshirt with black joggers.*

    12. A freshwater cultured pink pearl necklace you'll be ~tickled pink~ to wear on more than just Wednesdays. Sorry, Regina.

    13. A splurge-worthy David Yurman single pearl necklace you can basically wear any time, anywhere, and with anything. So much versatility and elegance packed into one little necklace!

    14. A pearl necklace choker that'll make ya look like a million bucks withought spending anywhere close to that. *Wallet makes happy noises.*

    15. A shimmery 14-karat gold-plated mother of pearl necklace you can get in the shape of a halo, pineapple, or tree – or maybe all three so you don't have to choose just one!

    16. A genuine black Japanese Akoya pearl necklace that's sure to turn a few heads whenever you wear it (just be sure to clutch it tightly if you happen to be anywhere near Jack Sparrow).

    17. An imitation pearl choker necklace accompanied by some ~pearls~ of wisdom: No one even has to know you got this beaut at the bargain price of the century (but you totally have bragging rights for finding it).

    18. A freshwater cultured pearl pendant necklace featuring three pearls vertically spaced out between silver or gold accents. In other words, you'll never be annoyed you don't have a long enough necklace to pair with your fave V-neck top again.

    19. A Tahitian pearl necklace boasting a solitaire pendant and diamond accent that'll be your new go-to accessory whenever you want to feel extra sophisticated.

    20. A cultured freshwater pearl and diamond necklace destined to live around the neck of anyone who appreciates the ~little things~ in life.

    21. And a long faux pearl necklace to effortlessly dress up anything you're wearing or serve as the perfect costume jewelry for a 1920s party. See you at Gatsby's later?

    You, with all your new pearls:

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