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18 Tees For When You’re Proud AF Of Who You Are

"Say it loud, I'm black and I'm proud!"

1. This Very Black tee is bold and straight to the point.

2. This T-shirt honors our nation's very first African-American president as the king he is.

3. This T-shirt features a popular quote DeRay Mckesson tweets on the regular, reminding us that there is much to love about blackness.

4. This tee features the purest truth that all black women should live by.

5. This cute tee will have your little one showing off their black pride before they can even talk.

6. This tee reminds us that all black boys need love, because they all matter.

7. This T-shirt yells pure pride at anyone who walks by.

8. This T-shirt reminds us that every shade, skin tone, and pigment is beautiful.

9. This tee celebrates a few of the brave and most iconic individuals who created change throughout history.

10. This T-shirt preaches the importance of melanin in all its glory.

11. This tee gives a voice to all the innocent lives lost to police brutality.

12. This T-shirt gives "power to the people" a whole new look.

13. This tee exemplifies black girl magic to the greatest degree.

14. This T-shirt speaks volumes because it will forever be true.

15. This T-shirt reminds us of what is so important and should always be praised — black on black love.

16. This tee has the most popular and necessary hashtag of all hashtags.

17. This T-shirt celebrates the way black men see themselves.

18. And this T-shirt doesn't need much wording to make a bold statement.