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    Here's What 17 Things All '90s Kids Owned Are Worth Today

    Apparently we would should have invested in Disney VHS tapes instead of Beanie Babies.

    1. American Girl: Felicity Merriman, $3,000

    Let's be real, this really isn't that far off from what an American Girl Doll and her accessories go for.

    2. Polly Pocket Musical Dream Wedding Play Set, $175.99

    IT IS A WEDDING PLAY SET! Not Polly's, of course.

    3. Mighty Max Play Set, $268.25

    Sure Mighty Max wasn't as popular as his cousin, Polly Pocket, but what other toy packed this MUCH adventure in something that fit in the palm of your hand?

    4. Totally Hair Barbie, $95

    TBH, $95 is not a bad price for a brand new vintage Barbie, that also happens to be the best-selling Barbie of all time.

    5. Mighty Morphin Power Ranger 36" Green Ranger, $895.95

    This is a small price to pay for the MF'ING GREEN RANGER!

    6. Talkboy, $250

    Probably one of the most desired gadget/toys of your childhood. The problem with getting one of these today would be finding the blank cassette to put inside of them.

    7. A Set of 58 Zoobooks, $180.29

    That commercial really sold this educational magazine like it was the coolest thing around...OK, it was.

    8. Furby, $750

    Nothing will make you relive your childhood more than having one of these wake you up at 4:00 a.m. screaming.

    9. Talking Urkel Doll, $150

    It doesn't get more '90s (and annoying) than Urkel.

    10. Mall Madness, $189.99

    This game is actually funner to set-up than to actually play.

    11. My Size Barbie, $219.95

    This was the ultimate Barbie, she was three feet tall and you could actually wear her clothes!!!

    12. Talking Tommy Pickles, $49.99

    Nothing against Angelica and Chuckie, but #TeamTommy all the way.

    13. Giga Pet, $86.40

    Remember when you couldn't find a Tamagotchi so you settled on one of these instead?

    14. Nickelodeon Time Blaster Radio Alarm Clock, $93.99

    Is there a more '90s Nickelodeon product ever designed?! And it would honestly look totally appropriate and awesome on your nightstand today.

    15. The Complete Goosebump Collection, $444.44

    These classics belong on any '90s kid's bookshelf, PERIOD.

    16. Dream Phone, $119

    Ahhh, to go back to the days when you didn't know who was calling you on the phone. Or even when you actually talked on the phone.

    17. Beanie Babies, $.99

    OK, so somebody's retirement plan didn't quite pan out, but for just starting at $.99 you can pick up four Beanie Babies. That's a better deal than McDonald's Dollar Menu.

    18. Beauty and the Beast, $4,239.95

    For $4,200 that VHS tape better come with an enchanted dancing candle stick and tea pot, as well as the VCR to play the damn thing in.