40 Very Famous People You Think Of As "Old" And Probably Have Never Seen Pictures Of When They Were Young

    If you're under 50, then most of these celebs have always been old to you!

    1. George Clooney at age 24 in 1985:

    Head shot of George in a printed blue shirt with a pink background

    2. Maggie Smith at age 27 in 1962:

    Maggie in a velvet dress holding a glass of wine

    3. Cicely Tyson at age 38 in 1963:

    Cicely Tyson in a scene from the CBS television program "East Side/West Side"

    4. Betty White at age 33 in 1955:

    Betty in a navy blue dress leaning on a couch

    5. James Earl Jones at age 31 in 1962:

    James Earl Jones with a beard and dressed as Othello

    6. Jane Fonda at age 21 in 1959:

    Jane leaning on chaise with hair to the side and tide up shirt

    7. Anthony Hopkins at age 31 in 1969:

    Close up of Anthony from the shoulders up

    8. Helen Mirren at age 20 in 1965:

    Helen dresses as Cleopatra and laying on a chair

    9. Bill Murray at age 27 in 1977:

    Bill in a black T-shirt leaning onto a table with his head resting on his arm

    10. Meryl Streep at age 27 in 1976:

    Meryl smiling in a blue top smiling towards the camera

    11. Larry David at age 32 in 1980:

    Larry looking upset

    12. Jack Nicholson at age 20 in 1958:

    Jack in stripped shirt looking away from the camera

    13. Tina Turner at age 24 in 1964:

    Tina laying on her side in a green and cream dress

    14. Angela Lansbury at age 19 in 1945:

    Angela in a Victorian era costume

    15. Jeff Bridges at age 20 in 1970:

    16. Kathy Bates at age 27 in 1976:

    17. Patrick Stewart at age 30 in 1970:

    Patrick sitting on some stairs with a black dog on his lap

    18. Harrison Ford at age 24 in 1966:

    Harrison dressed in a Confederate costume

    19. Judi Dench at age 22 in 1957:

    Judi Dench dressed like a princess

    20. Oprah Winfrey at age 24 in 1978:

    21. Ralph Lauren at age 31 in 1970:

    22. Charo at age 16 in 1967:

    Charo on a stage sitting on a stool and in front of microphone while holding a guitar

    23. Mick Jagger at age 20 in 1963:

    Mick in a recording booth

    24. Sally Field at age 18 in 1965:

    Sally dressed in a pink polk dot shirt while talking on a pink phone

    25. Jessica Lange at age 27 in 1977:

    Jessica in a black coat walking into a party

    26. Lily Tomlin at age 30 in 1969:

    Lily with her hands under her facing a smiling

    27. Quincy Jones at age 29 in 1962:

    A headshot of Quincy

    28. David Letterman at age 31 in 1978:

    Publicity photo of David where he is wearing a striped polo

    29. Dolly Parton at age 19 in 1965:

    Dolly with big a beehive hairstyle

    30. Anjelica Huston at age 18 in 1969:

    Anjelica dressed in a white middle age type dress

    31. Candice Bergen at age 21 in 1967:

    32. Neil Diamond at age 26 in 1967:

    Neil in a jacket and cowboy hat

    33. Dionne Warwick at age 23 in 1964:

    Dionne walking off a plane with bitting her sunglasses

    34. Stevie Wonder at age 15 in 1965:

    Steve smiling wearing cat-style sunglasses and a houndstooth coat

    35. Shirley MacLaine at age 21 in 1955:

    Shirley MacLine in a red top picking holding an orange tree branch

    36. Robert De Niro at age 30 in 1973:

    37. Steven Spielberg at age 28 in 1975:

    Steven laying on a yellow couch

    38. Robert Redford at age 28 in 1965:

    39. Cher at age 18 in 1964:

    Cher looking towards the camera with thick eyeliner around her eyes and big bangs

    40. And lastly, Willie Nelson at age 34 in 1967:

    Willie holding his guitar


    The photo of Quincy Jones was taken in 1962, a previous version of this post misstated the year.