35 Facts That Are Just Truly Upsetting For '90s Girls

Spoiler alert: Lots and lots of "OMG...WTF?!" moments ahead!

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4. Jonathan Taylor Thomas is only three years younger than Tim Allen was during the first season of Home Improvement.

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JTT just turned 35, while Tim was 38 when the show premiered.

20. Also, Christina Ricci is now older than Rosie O'Donnell was when she played "old" Roberta in Now and Then.

22. If That ’70s Show was started today and set the same number of years back, it’d be called That ’90s Show and could take place in 1994.

23. It has been a decade since Disney last made one of these classic VHS tapes:

Via ohmy.disney.com

In case you were wondering, Bambi II, released in 2006, was the last Disney animated movie released on VHS.

26. If Zack and Kelly from Saved by the Bell were a real couple, they would have just celebrated their 22nd wedding anniversary.


And they probably would’ve had a kid who'd either be in high school or college. *gulp!*