"'This Is Us' Was Like A Never-Ending Drama Sledge Hammer To My Head": 19 TV Shows People Started But Ended Up Hating So Much They Couldn't Finish Them

    There is nothing more annoying than when you get invested in a brand-new TV show that starts off really good but ends up turning into an unwatchable hot mess.

    I think we all have a TV show or two that we can think of that started off strong and managed to stay really good throughout its entire run. But I am sure there is probably a series or two or eight that you can think of that you really, really liked at the beginning, but somewhere along the way you thought, Wait, this show has gotten really awful and then either stuck with for the sake of finishing it or just decided that you were done with it and stopped watching altogether.

    Well recently, Reddit user DadIsMadAtMe was interested in the latter when they asked: "What show did you start and wound up hating so much you didn’t finish it?"

    And the thread went viral, with over 23K people responding and commenting about the TV shows they thought started off great but then became an unwatchable hot mess. Here are some of the top and best comments:

    🚨Warning: minor spoilers ahead 🚨

    1. "Riverdale"

    2. "The Flash"

    3. "The 100"

    4. "Handmaid’s Tale. The first season starts so strong but as the seasons go on the story refuses to move forward. It was just an endless cycle of failed escapes. Or when characters finally have the chance to escape they either change their mind or go back inside. It’s like the writers were too afraid to shake up the status quo. After a few seasons I just gave up."

    5. "Once Upon a Time. So effing glad I stopped at Season 2."

    6. "Orange Is the New Black. Piper annoyed the fucking shit out of me."

    7. "The Walking Dead"

    8. "Grey's Anatomy"

    9. "Under the Dome"

    10. "Heroes"

    11. "Shameless. Just an over-the-top soap opera towards the later seasons. Still haven’t finished the last six episodes and probably never will."

    12. "How to Get Away with Murder. It was very repetitive."

    13. "I watched a ton of Dexter, but a certain season made me hate it."

    14. "Westworld. Loved the first season. Then it started going downhill. Haven’t seen the latest season and I don’t plan on it."

    15. "Netflix’s Sabrina the Teenage Witch. I really liked the first season, barely made it through the second season, and refuse to watch the third."

    16. "The last two seasons of Killing Eve."

    17. "This Is Us"

    18. "13 Reasons Why"

    And lastly...

    19. "Glee"

    You can read the full thread of responses on Reddit.

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.