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    40 Things That'll Take Anyone Who Grew Up Between 1987-94 Back To Their Childhood

    A flashback to a time when all you wanted in life was the Game Boy all to yourself!


    1. Watching viral videos meant watching this show:


    2. And how you had a hard time deciding which Home Alone movie was better:

    20th Century Fox

    3. How you wanted to go to a summer camp as awesome as Camp Anawanna:

    CBS Television Distribution

    4. That a dancing Coke can was like the coolest thing ever:

    5. Being excited whenever you got a new issue of Disney Adventures:

    6. Thinking you were hot shit whenever you wore your D.A.R.E. T-shirt:

    7. Just how cool you thought New Kids on the Block were:

    Sony Music

    8. How you'd circle all the items you wanted in the Disney Catalog — secretly hoping your parents would see it and order them for you:

    9. Thinking there was NO cooler sneakers than Reebok Pumps:

    10. Having your mind-blown the first time you saw Who Framed Roger Rabbit:


    11. The absolute feeling of excitement you had when you went to see the live-action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie:

    New Line Cinema

    12. How there was not a more amusing way to pass the time than looking for Waldo...

    Little, Brown and Company

    13. ...and trying to see the hidden 3D image:

    Magic Eye Inc.

    14. Having to blow the Nintendo cartridge any time you wanted to play a game:

    15. How important Perfect Strangers...

    ABC Televison

    16. ...and the brilliantly subversive Dinosaurs was to the TGIF line-up:

    ABC Television

    17. How you low-key wanted the L.A. Gear keychain more than the actual shoes:

    18. Saying to yourself, "It's six feet of bubble gum for you, not them" whenever you had Bubble Tape:

    19. And saying to yourself, "Don't push me, push a Push Pop" whenever you had a Push Pop:**HuveuGpNW68eZZ5PTUqRCI9vwSOwpwY/

    20. Getting excited whenever you got a brand-spanking new Trapper Keeper:

    21. Being a bit jealous of the kids who were allowed to wear Simpsons T-shirts:

    22. How you listened to The Simpsons Sings the Blues over and over:

    Geffen Records

    23. Wanting to believe that hoverboards were real because of the urban legend:


    24. How The Little Mermaid Happy Meal toys were the greatest bathtub toys ever:

    25. How there was no better superhero movie than Batman (or, yes, also Batman Returns):

    Warner Bros.

    26. How you thought you could easily learn another language with Muzzy:

    27. How EVERY birthday party had at least one Hawaiian pizza:

    Gancino / Getty Images

    28. Being a more than a bit freaked out by Mac Tonight:

    29. Missing over half of the clever pop culture references that were hidden in Tiny Toon Adventures:

    Warner Bros. Television

    30. How the Disney Afternoon had the greatest afternoon cartoon line-up:


    31. The fights that would ensue with your siblings over who got to use the Game Boy first whenever there was a roadtrip:

    32. Thinking this was the most romantic movie ever:

    Vestron Pictures

    33. Trying to recreate Janet Jackson's...


    34. ...and MC Hammer's dance moves whenever their songs or music videos came on:


    35. Actually being excited about Mondays 'cause it was when The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air aired:


    36. And being excited when the cartoons ended on Saturday mornings 'cause it meant Saved by the Bell would start:

    NBC / NBCU Photo Bank

    37. How you had never seen a sadder movie scene than this:


    38. How you used to sit on hamburgers while eating hamburgers:

    39. Getting excited whenever you saw the deco-ish store front of The Disney Store:

    40. And finally, just how important a fanny pack was to your everyday life:

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