60 Things You'll Only Understand If You Are A Xennial

    Again, please don’t click on this post unless you lived through the ’80s.

    1. How "being slimed" on Nickelodeon meant one thing: You Can't Do That on Television.

    2. How Cabbage Patch Kids were such an it toy that they basically became a status symbol.

    3. Having a few random Garfield cups that somehow appeared in your family's cupboard.

    4. Getting a Garfield book from a relative that had no idea what to get you for your birthday.

    5. How "very special episodes" of TV shows aimed at kids literally scarred you for life.

    6. How you either loved or were repulsed by Garbage Pail Kids cards.

    7. That your grandma had one of these rotary phones hanging in her kitchen:

    8. Also, how your grandma had one of these '70s wood paneled TVs in her basement or living room:

    9. The feeling of horror and titillation you felt when you discovered your parents old 1970s copy of The Joy of Sex.

    10. That TGIF meant Mr. Belvedere, Perfect Strangers, and Full House.

    11. How much your parents enjoyed watching nighttime soaps about dysfunctional rich families.

    12. That taking instant photos meant pulling out the giant-ass Polaroid camera — that had a blinding flash.

    13. Listening to records on your very own player.

    14. Only knowing Jane Fonda as the "workout lady."

    15. Seeing cigarette vending machines, EVERYWHERE.

    16. Even though it was well in to the '80s, constantly seeing old (very) '70s Woodsy Owl PSAs.

    17. That Time for Timer (whose commercials also looked like they came straight out of 1971) was annoying as hell, but really did make you crave cheese.

    18. Sitting on one of these chairs during camping trips (which sorta gave you a backache after a while):

    19. Having a ton of these clip-on plush toys, that really didn't have any point to them:

    20. Having a ton of PVC Smurfs, that seemed to just randomly appear in your toy box.

    21. How Pizza Huts not only had a proper dinning area, but also had waiters.

    22. Riding in the back of cars with no seat belt.

    23. Or, if you wore your seat belt, getting burned by the metal buckles on a hot day.

    24. Actually getting more frightened from the illustrations in Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark than the actual stories.

    25. Going with you parents to the Fotomat, so that they could develop photos they needed overnight.

    26. Owning a bunch of E.T. stuff, even if you were too young to see the movie.

    27. How First Lady Nancy Reagan wanted kids to "Just Say No."

    28. Getting a homemade character cake for your birthday, that was 80% frosting.

    29. Being careful to not overly scratch your Scratch-N-Sniff Stickers so that they wouldn't lose its scent.

    30. How having satellite TV meant having a HUGE ASS dish in your backyard.

    31. That almost every single cartoon had a PSA at the end of the show.

    32. Wanting to believe deep-down the urban myth that hoverboards were real.

    33. Getting a Care Bear from your grandma on holidays or your birthday.

    34. How Disney made really DARK movies...

    35. ...and if you wanted to watch one of their classic animated films, you had to wait until they were re-released into theaters.

    36. Having a lamp in your bedroom that you really wanted to play with, but would burn the hell out of you if you even touched it.

    37. How stressful it was to rip of the sides off dot matrix paper.

    38. How lit the programming lineup was for the Disney Channel’s free preview weekend.

    39. How computer time in school meant one thing: The Oregon Trail.

    40. How your parents would comment that Madonna was "such a bad influence."

    41. Being introduced to David Bowie because of Labyrinth.

    42. That an uncomfortable mask with poor visibility, and a plastic smock that didn't really let you move, was the trade-off for getting a character costume.

    43. Having tons of old back issues of this magazine in your classroom or school library:

    44. How everyone owned the We Are the World 45 RPM...

    45. ...and Michael Jackson's Thriller.

    46. Being more than a little creeped out by animatronic Chuck E. Cheese.

    47. Having your mind-blown with this epic cartoon crossover:

    48. Somehow, no matter how careful you were, always managing to burn your fingers when making Shrinky Dinks.

    49. How you had an at least 80% chance of getting burned whenever you slid down a aluminum slide.

    50. How you had to be careful not pinch your fingers when closing your Fisher-Price Little People Tudor house.

    51. How all the food at McDonald's used to come in Styrofoam containers.

    52. And how smelly it was to climb into one of these McDonald's Officer Big Mac "jail things":

    53. How everyone owned a Hands Across America T-shirt, even if they didn’t participate in it.

    54. How fun it was to get lost in the world of Sweet Pickles.

    55. The fear you felt that you might fall into a well after hearing about Baby Jessica.

    56. How traumatizing these scenes from The Land Before Time and An American Tail were:

    57. That this was the coolest phone that was ever designed:

    58. How you always looked for books that had been "approved" by Reading Rainbow, any time you went to the library.

    59. Just how utterly insane Batman-mania was in the summer of 1989.

    60. And finally, that seeing this building (with its Bert's sweater looking stripes) was the most joyful thing ever: