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    40 Things Millennials Thought Were Completely Normal Or Cool In 2008 But Are Cringey In Retrospect

    So much money wasted on ringback tones.

    Back in 2008, the only way to be cool was to...

    1. Talk about Michael Phelps's diet like six times a day:

    A screen shot of a man looking at a bunch of junk food

    2. Think Chuck Norris jokes were the be-all and end-all of comedy:

    Chuck Norris meme that says "When I slice onion, onions cry"

    3. Think that typing like this meant you were creative and edgy:

    Tweet that says I used to type all the titles of myspace posts like this

    4. Think the Corey Worthington interview was the funniest thing ever:

    A bleach blond young guy in yellow sunglasses, colorful baseball cap, and wearing a hoodie with no shirt on

    5. Try to convince people that the iPhone was worth the money by showing them that one app where it looks like you're drinking a beer:

    Screenshot of iBeer app featuring a man drinking what looks like a frothy beer out of his iPhone

    And that one app where it looked like you had a lighter:

    Screenshot of a hand holding an iPhone with a Zippo looking lighter lit on the screen

    6. Or insist that BlackBerry was way better than iPhone because of Brick Breaker...

    A screenshot of the Brick Breaker game

    7. ...and BBM:

    Photo of girl texting on her Blackberry

    8. Email the Christian Bale and Kermit the Frog comparison memes to your friends:

    9. Be really into vampires:

    10. Say "I read it on Perez":

    Photo of Perez Hilton

    11. Watch every single Diet Coke and Mentos video on the internet:

    12. Just post EVERY. SINGLE. THING. on Facebook:

    Facebook post of someone talking about how much they like Raisin Bran

    13. Harass everyone on Facebook with like 14 "LOST PHONE, NEED NUMBERS" groups:

    And like 17 FarmVille requests:

    Three FarmVile requests

    14. Watch full-length movies that cost tens of millions of dollars to make on an iPod with a 2-inch screen:

    A finger pushing the forward button an iPod Mini that is playing a Disney Movie

    15. Wear fedoras...

    A photo of a plaid fedora

    16. ...funky belts...

    Photo of six different striped ribbon belts

    17. ...and tiny vests as part of your go-to going out outfits:

    A black vest

    18. Own several pairs of very colorful Wayfarer sunglasses:

    Red wayfarer glasses

    19. Take selfies with a big-ass digital camera:

    Photo of a girl taking a mirror selfing wearing shutter shades and pointing the camera in front of her face toward the mirror

    20. Take weird pictures of your feet or hands because you all had matching bracelets or shoes:

    six people making a fist circle all wearing LiveStrong bracelets

    21. And take a mirror selfie with the flash going off:

    Tom from MySpace taking a mirror sefie

    22. Burn photo CDs in order to share pics with your friends:

    An open CD case with a blank CD inside

    23. And also upload 400 pictures onto Facebook at once in an album with a title from a Dave Matthews Band song:

    24. Say "Should have put on a ring on it" (even if it didn't fit the conversation).

    25. Constantly quote that one Bill O'Reilly video where he swears:

    Meme of Bill yelling "Fuck it, we'll do it live"

    26. Get excited whenever Spaghetti Cat appeared on The Soup:

    Screenshot of a black cat eating spaghetti sitting at a table

    27. Own that one white MacBook that got dirty after like a week:

    Open Macbook with flower field desktop wallpaper

    28. Email your friends a link to an episode of Jake and Amir that you couldn't stop laughing over:

    Screenshot of Jake and Amir playing Monopoly with two other people

    29. Argue passionately over whether pirates could beat ninjas in a fight:

    A flag featuring a Pirate Ninja logo and Pirate vs. Ninjas written over it

    30. Put big charms on your phone (that got caught on everything):

    A silver cellphone loop charm with a blue heart charm

    31. Use sketchy programs to rip your DVDs and convert them into smaller files to put movies or TV shows onto your iPod:

    Screenshot of computer screen with files type being selected

    32. Or watch movies on portable DVD players (that barely had enough battery life for one whole movie):

    A portable DVD player playing a movie featuring elephants walking

    33. Carry both an iPod and a cellphone AT THE SAME DAMN TIME:

    A pink iPod Mini next to a pink Razr

    34. Text incognito with your phone in your pocket:

    Person with cellphone on pocket

    35. Buy a very popular song as your ringback tone:

    List of best-selling ringtones in 2008

    36. Be ~ironically~ into Heidi Montag's music:

    Heidi Montag in a pink bikini sitting on the beach

    37. Fake people out with your voicemail message:

    Tweet that says "Hello? Hold on I can't hear you...hello?... JK leave a message after the beep"

    38. Feel cool AF because you were "in the know" about Myspace Secret Shows:

    Myspace secret shows logo

    39. Brag that you drank the cheapest beer:

    Generic beer stock photo

    40. And lastly, still quoting that one Starburst Berries and Cream commercial over and over:

    A man dressed as Tom Thumb