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    There Is Allegedly A Version Of The Movie "Cats" Where They The Cats Had Buttholes, And I Don't Even Know What To Think Anymore

    "Our society is collapsing our world is teetering on the edge of utter chaos! Please, please we need this, #ReleaseTheButtholeCut."

    So as you might have heard, with movie theaters shuttering across the country due to the coronavirus, some studios are releasing films currently in theaters onto VOD.

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    Movies like Emma, Trolls World Tour, and The Invisible Man are being released onto 48-hour on-demand rentals.

    And studios are also pushing up the digital release dates of older recent movies that haven't been released onto home video yet. One of those movies released early was the infamous Cats, which was released yesterday. This, of course, led to many people (including Seth Rogen) to check it out for the first time.

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    One of those people watching it was writer-director Ben Mekler, who — while trying to make sense of the film —tweeted this out:

    I desperately need a tell-all book about the making of CATS. It could really help me get through this

    After tweeting that out, writer Jack Waz replied to Ben with this tweet, where he alleges that there is a cut of the film that has CGI cat buttholes in it:

    @benmekler A VFX producer friend of a friend was hired in November to finish some of the 400 effects shots in @catsmovie. His entire job was to remove CGI buttholes that had been inserted a few months before. Which means that, somewhere out there, there exists a butthole cut of Cats

    That's right!!! Allegedly they had put CGI buttholes on the CATS!!! And all I can say is that this was literally me reading that tweet:

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    There has been a lot of news lately, but I gotta be honest, I was not prepared for that.

    Of course, the good people on Twitter had lots of reactions to this and soon the hashtag #ReleaseTheButtholeCut was trending.

    One of the first people to chime in was Knives Out writer-director, Rian Johnson, who thinks this is what society needs now:

    #ReleaseTheButtholeCut is exactly what we all need right now

    And many people share that same sentiment:

    In this crucial moment where everything is uncertain I am lending my voice and platform to the #ReleaseTheButtholeCut movement

    Only when we collectively gaze upon true horror can we overcome the mundane horrors of everyday life. #ReleaseTheButtholeCut

    Our society is collapsing our world is teetering on the edge of utter chaos please please we need this #ReleaseTheButtholeCut

    While others were just caught up in the absurdity of it all:

    *sees #releasethebuttholecut trending, right before switching tabs* *switches back*

    So this is happening right now. God bless America, and #ReleaseTheButtholeCut

    For a second there I thought this was a new Tik Tok challenge! #ReleaseTheButtholeCut

    I’m glad to see that, in spite of it all, somethings remain the same... #ReleaseTheButtholeCut

    Reminder that The Secret Life of Pets had the guts to put a butthole on the cat... #ReleaseTheButtholeCut

    not even Nostradamus could have predicted that in 2020, the hoarded would be writhing in agony on their ikea beds, shouting with their thumbs “RELEASE THE BUTTHOLE CUT!!!” #releasethebuttholecut

    Some actually pondered about being a CGI artist on the film and having the responsibility of drawing cat anuses:

    Just imagine, you worked your ass off to get through college to become a CGI artist. Eventually, you land a job in Hollywood, and then one day you’re hired to draw 400 cat buttholes, and then, THEN, someone comes along and erases all your buttholes. #ReleaseTheButtholeCut

    So apparently someone was in charge of assholes for the movie Cats??? #ReleaseTheButtholeCut

    Meanwhile, Seth Rogen just flat-out demanded that the film be released:

    Release the Butthole Cut of Cats!!

    And FTR, Jack Waz has promised to make it his life's work to get that alleged "The Butthole Cut" out into the world.

    @benmekler @catsmovie Finding this cut is my white whale #ReleaseTheButtholeCut

    Who would've thought that Cats would be the gift that keeps on giving?!


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