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Sooooo....Antoni Porowski Only Washes His Hair Every Two Weeks And I Don't Know What To Think Of That

No word if he has ever done an avocado hair mask!

Alright, so as you might already know, Season 4 of Queer Eye has officially dropped on Netflix (and I am sure we'll all be crying along to the new episodes).

And to help promote the new season, QE's resident food and wine expert, Antoni Porowski, did an interview with Into the Gloss where he talked about everything from how he got his start to his grooming habits.

While Antoni talked a lot about the products he loves and uses, it was his daily routine that stuck out the most — in particular, something he doesn't do regularly or even weekly: washing his hair.

According to Antoni, he only washes his hair every 10–14 days:

I only wash my hair every 10 days to two weeks with shampoo because it gets poofy — usually I just use hot water.

Now, to be fair, it's usually recommended that you wash your hair 2–3 times a week, as shampoo strips your hair of natural oils. And he does rinse his hair while in the shower.

Antoni also shared another thing about his hair...well, more of a warning of what not to do with ocean water:

Oh, here’s a thing: Don’t make your own ocean water salt spray! I was in the Rockaways with some friends, and I decided to put ocean water in a bottle and take it home. I started using it in my hair, and after a couple weeks, my roommate noticed my head smelled like rotting chicken carcass. I didn’t realize that ocean water goes bad! Now I’m back to purchasing salt sprays, because I figure brands know how to do it the right way.

Hopefully he immediately shampooed his hair when it was pointed out that the ocean water made it smell like rotting chicken carcass!