Shakira And Becky G Have Both Been Allegedly Cheated On By Their Soccer Player Boyfriends, And Now People Want A Collab

    I need a sequel to "Shakira: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53" with Becky G on it.

    As you probably know already, Becky G's fiancé, Sebastian Lletget, released a statement earlier today on Instagram in which he addressed alleged infidelity rumors.

    In the lengthy statement, Sebastian doesn't say whether or not he cheated, but he does say during a moment he regrets that he had "a 10-minute lapse in judgment."

    He also specifically addresses Becky by saying, "Instead of honoring that love every day, I have done the opposite, hurting you, and disrespecting the one person I love more than anything. I am so sorry and know I have to do whatever it takes to earn back the trust and love you deserve."

    And again, while he doesn't say he cheated, it sounds like something happened that clearly has put a huge strain on their relationship.

    The whole situation is reminding people of what happened between Shakira and her soccer star ex, Gerard Piqué.

    @anthonykyaw It’s ALWAYS the worst guys who get to be with the most amazing women (Becky G, Shakira) and then treat them like dirt SMFH

    Twitter: @KingDami5299

    Which, of course, led to Shakira and Bizarrap releasing "Shakira: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53," a scathing diss track that has also been one of the biggest international songs of the year.

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    Needless to say, people on Twitter had some THOUGHTS about Becky G and Shakira being in similar situations:

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    if shakira and becky g have taught me anything it’s to never trust a soccer player… stay safe out there guys

    Twitter: @gongpoz

    after this shakira/becky g shit, the next time a soccer player breathes he's gonna get it good

    Twitter: @cerotez

    becky g and shakira getting cheated on means it is time for Latinas to boycott men

    Twitter: @carlmonso

    These men are insane. How you cheat on Shakira and how you cheat on Becky G ?!? The TWO BADDEST GIRLS IN THE GAME.

    Twitter: @moonlighttsouls

    That whole Shakira & Becky G scandal.. damn.. I’m telling y’all soccer men are a curse.

    Twitter: @jacks_cortez

    First Karol G, Then Shakira, and now Becky G. Men really ain’t shit

    Pixar / Via Twitter: @HenryRoyal_

    Shakira and Becky G both got cheated on I can’t breathe

    Twitter: @6ixGodCel

    While others pointed out that Shakira and Becky G should do a collab:

    Shakira and Becky G should team up to sing how they've been both cheated on and it would be one of the best song of the decade

    Twitter: @McAeryn

    someone get becky g in the studio with karol g & shakira

    Twitter: @cynthiaamarys

    I need Becky G and Shakira to do a collab album on these cheating wasteman

    Lionel Hahn / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @aoispice

    Becky G needs to have her moment and do a remix with Shakira and Bizarrap

    Twitter: @AlexBeTweeting

    When you hear Becky G's fiance may have cheated... Bizarrap: *Preparing new song with Karol G x Shakira x Becky G*

    Twitter: @EdgarLopezUSC

    Becky G and Shakira when they drop a collab to end football players once and for all

    @BeckyG / Via Twitter: @obxbassett