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    32 Regrettable '90s Guys Fashion Trends

    Nobody ever pulled off JNCOs.

    1. Overalls with one strap down.

    2. Hip-Hop Looney Tunes T-shirts.

    3. Skechers Chrome Dome.

    4. Middle part bowl cuts.

    Literally looking like a butthead.

    5. Oakleys Eye Jacket sunglasses.

    6. Backwards baseball hats.

    7. Hemp necklaces.

    8. Caesar cuts.

    9. Flannel tees/ Plaid short-sleeve shirts.

    10. Hoop earrings.

    11. Bowling-inspired shirts.

    12. Socks with shower sandals.

    13. Kangol hats.

    14. Fanny packs.

    15. Pagers.

    16. Wale cords.

    17. Overly baggy jeans.

    18. Levi's "Button Your Fly" shirts.

    19. Acrylic striped ski sweaters.

    These sweaters weren't just hot and itchy, they were also not the greatest quality (no matter how much you paid for them). They usually looked pretty ratty due to the horrible amount of pilling they would get -- after wearing them just once!

    20. Big, fat, chunky skate shoes.

    21. Fat laces.

    22. Bucket hats.

    23. White crew neck T-Shirts under everything.

    A blindly white T-shirt was a '90s essential whenever you wore a button-up or V-neck.

    24. Vertical striped button ups.

    Were these supposed to make us look taller or something? The appeal is lost on me now.

    25. Velcro wallets.

    26. Cross Colours.

    27. Carpenter jeans.

    28. Big Johnson T-shirts.

    The T-shirt for bros, before there was even a word for "bros."

    29. Mandarin collars.

    30. Starter Jackets.

    31. Rayon shirts.

    "I know what guys will like! Silky printed shirts that are made from synthetic fiber! Quick, call the '90s and tell 'em we're coming!" – Person who created these fashion fails.

    32. Frosted tips.

    Have you seen the awful photos of Justin Timberlake with frosted tips? Yes. Well, the sad truth is that frosted tips looked even worse on you.