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32 Regrettable '90s Guys Fashion Trends

Nobody ever pulled off JNCOs.

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1. Overalls with one strap down.


Nothing said, "I'm a badass not a farmer," like having one strap down on your overalls. In reality you just looked like you were one of the Little Rascals.

3. Skechers Chrome Dome.


The shoes that put Skechers on the map! It's oh-so-mid '90s design was a weird cross between a hiking shoe and a sneaker. Plus, they were also chunky!

7. Hemp necklaces.


These were basically the '90s equivalent of chokers for guys; except they were incredibly itchy and the wooden beads would painfully press-up against your Adam's apple.

12. Socks with shower sandals.

And the sandals had to be Nike or Adidas, no exceptions.

13. Kangol hats.

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The ultimate cool guy hat, which, let's be honest, you thought you could wear with anything. For school? Yup! For date night? For sure! For a wedding? Duh, it looks fly with a suit. The reality, Samuel L. Jackson is the only living person who can successfully pull off a Kangol hat.

15. Pagers.


The ultimate baller-status accessory. Of course, it was important that you clip it on the outside of your pants so that everyone knew you had one. Maybe you even kept it safe and looking extra stylish by attaching it to your pants with a chain.

17. Overly baggy jeans.


If '90s guys had one style motto when it came to pants it would be: THE BAGGIER THE BETTER. Of course, you also looked ridiculous walking around with pants so big that they were difficult to even keep up.

30. Starter Jackets.


The best thing to wear when you wanted to look like you put on 25 pounds. Also, the jacket was incredibly noisy thanks to the whoosh-whoosh sound you made whenever you moved your arms.

31. Rayon shirts.

"I know what guys will like! Silky printed shirts that are made from synthetic fiber! Quick, call the '90s and tell 'em we're coming!" – Person who created these fashion fails.

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