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Pixar's New Heartwarming Disney+ Short Is A Wonderful Coming-Out Story

Another wonderful addition to its SparkShorts series.

Nobody does it better than Pixar when it comes to telling emotional and human stories (even when the characters aren't human).

And earlier this year, Pixar took a small step in expanding the stories and, more importantly, the characters represented within their films, when it featured its first openly LGBTQ character in Onward — a cop named Officer Specter, who was by Lena Waithe.

Well yesterday, Pixar took an even bigger step and released its first short (onto Disney+), titled Out, that features a gay man as the main character:

Out, which is part of its SparkShorts series, is a funny and also heartwarming story of a man named Greg, who is moving in with his boyfriend, Manuel.

However, Greg is struggling, as he has yet to tell his parents that he is both gay and in a relationship.

Things get more complicated when Greg's parents surprise him by coming over to help him move.

And as with almost all Pixar films, Out does a fantastic job of pulling at the heartstrings as we see the story unfold throughout the 8½–minute short.

Out also breaks ground as it features Pixar's first same-sex kiss.

Now, anyone who has watched SparkShorts in the past knows that this series is all about telling more grown-up stories. Like Purl, which told the story (through an allegory) of what it's like for a woman to work in a male-dominated office space.

And with Out, Pixar reminded us, once again, of why they are among the best storytellers in Hollywood.

You can watch Out on Disney+ now. I also highly recommend the entire SparkShorts series.