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    Social Distancing Pioneer Oscar The Grouch Is Reminding Everyone To Stay Home

    TV legend, icon, and voice of reason in these difficult times.

    So in case you didn't know, Oscar the Grouch isn't just the most relatable muppet on Sesame Street.


    He also happens to be a pretty prolific Twitterer...

    ...who isn't afraid to get messy on Twitter!

    And while he has been quiet on Twitter recently, he came back on earlier today to tweet an important message for everyone:

    That's right: Oscar wants you to stay home and practice social distancing!!!

    And of course, people were happy that Oscar was reminding people to stay home:

    @OscarTheGrouch Good advice, Oscar! Thanks for being so awesome. ๐Ÿ’•

    @OscarTheGrouch @sesamestreet Wisdom from Oscar. Sesame Street, always FTW. Seems some โ€œgrownupsโ€ need to re-watch #PhysicalDistancing

    @OscarTheGrouch This is why you were always my favorite muppet. Okay, okay, my favorite after Snuffaluffagus.

    While others pointed out that Oscar has been an advocate of social distancing since, like, FOREVER:

    @OscarTheGrouch Words of wisdom from the king of social distancing.

    @OscarTheGrouch @AlexMLeo Oscar has been practicing social distancing for over 50 years. Be like Oscar. #OscarKnowsToStayHome #SCRAM

    All I have to say is, thank you, Oscar!!! And everyone scram and go self-isolate at home!!!

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