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    OMG, This Is What The Little Girl From "My Wife And Kids" Looks Like Today!

    She's, um, really grown-up.

    Do you remember My Wife and Kids, which ran from 2001-2005 on ABC?

    The family sitcom starred Damon Wayans and Tisha (forever Gina on Martin) Campbell-Martin as husband and wife: Michael and Jay Kyle...

    ...who were parents to three kids: Michael Jr., Claire, and Kady (the youngest).

    This is probably how you remember Kady, who was played by Parker McKenna Posey:

    Well, Parker's 18, and this is what she looks like today:

    These days she is a bit of a beach bunny.

    Who hangs out with actor-director Mario Van Peebles:

    Kids, they grow up so fast.