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12 Celebrity #TBTs You Might Have Missed This Week

A very young John Stamos and Lori Loughlin looking adorable together in the early '80s kicks off this week's #ThrowbackThursday!

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1. John Stamos shared this photo of him and Lori Loughlin hanging out together in 1982.

Instagram: @johnstamos

2. Janet Jackson posted this photo from the time she did a Dorothy Dandridge-themed photoshoot in the '90s.

Instagram: @janetjackson

3. Tegan and Sara shared this childhood photo of themselves dressed as Oscar the Grouch and Big Bird in honor of Halloween.

Instagram: @teganandsara

4. Orlando Bloom shared a behind-the-scenes photo from The Hobbit in honor of Peter Jackson's birthday.

Instagram: @orlandobloom

5. Ian McKellen reminisced about The Lord of the Rings by posting this behind-the-scenes pic.

#TBT 2000, A sunny day in New Zealand, filming "The Lord of The Rings"

6. Amy Schumer remembered when she appeared as Gretel in a stage production of the Sound of Music in 1986.

Instagram: @amyschumer

7. Jensen Ackles shared this sweet #TBT pic of him and his wife, Danneel Harris.

#tbt Our first vacation together...and even then you were rockin the headband. ❤️ u @DanneelHarris

8. Zach Braff remembered his iconic photobomb.

9. Wesley Snipes shared this photo of himself from the early '90s.

Pose like someone is trying to take your food 👌🏿#tbt

10. Kylie posted this VERY '80s photo of herself.

Instagram: @kylieminogue

11. Shania Twain shared this photo of herself in 1997, in celebration of the 20th anniversary of her blockbuster album Come on Over.

Instagram: @shaniatwain

12. And finally, Christina Aguilera celebrated the 15th anniversary of her iconic album, Stripped, by sharing some photos from the linear notes.

Instagram: @xtina


The photo Orlando Bloom posted is actually from the set of The Hobbit. A previous version of this post listed the wrong film series.

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