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31 Products You Won't Believe You Can Actually Buy At Walmart

They really are making us live BETTER.

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1. This bacon scented pillow:

2. This delicious jelly bean flavored milk – which bonus, is also low fat!

3. Speaking of delicious, nothing says "yum" like a canned peanut butter and jelly sandwich:

4. These toilet tattoos that want you to pee on them:

5. This Lakers T-shirt:

I'm pretty sure Wolverine is their point guard?

6. These oh so gangsta gnomes:

7. These very classy toilet paper holders:

8. These weirdly sexually suggestive Smurfs boxers:

9. These Duck Dynasty California wines:

I mean, the show does take place in Louisiana.

11. This trippy Fourth of July T-shirt:

Seriously, what the hell is happening on this tee?

12. This douchey acne medication:

And, surprisingly, not made by the makers of AXE.


13. This apple pie flavored juice:

Just like mom used to make!

14. This Paula Deen approved butter flavored olive oil:

'Cause you know, olive oil tastes sooo gross.

15. This rather unfortunate little girls T-shirt.

16. This not all impractical GIANT Bic lighter:

17. This rather unfortunately named pet shampoo:

18. This condiment sauce... FOR YOUR DOG:

19. That "from kids" Mother's Day card on the bottom left, with the word "kick ass" on it:

Because moms love it when you cuss.

20. This lottery prayer candle:

21. These creepy severed feet flower pots:

Worse yet, they're wearing flip-flops. FLIP-FLOPS!

22. This depressing travel mug:

23. This completely unnecessary roided out Elmo T-shirt:

24. These rather disgusting pickle flavored popsicles:

Why not just have a pickle?


26. This uniquely flavored soup mix:

27. This terrifying and gross Valentine's Day box of beefy jerky:

Why is it covered in hair?

28. This Valentine's Day cow, that also sings Kelis' "Milkshake":

I mean, who wouldn't want to receive a cow as a Valentine's Day gift?!


30. These classy denim panties:

31. This Poo Dough:

Which according the box "looks like the real thing! [But] smells better." :(