The 16-Bit “Mean Girls” Video Game That You Will Wish Was Real

The folks over at CineFix retold the iconic movie in form of a 16-bit video game. And it’s pretty awesome.

1. In honor of the 10th anniversary of Mean Girls, YouTube channel CineFlix has put together a rather fetch video of what they think a 16-bit video game adaption of the movie would have looked like.

CineFix / Via

2. Just like in the movie, players must carefully navigate their way through the social structure of North Shore High…

CineFix / Via

3. …and of course, The Plastics.

CineFix / Via

4. Even in the video game, Aaron Samuels would look sexier with his hair pushed back.

CineFix / Via

5. And like any good video game, the player must make some pretty difficult strategic decisions.

CineFix / Via

6. Check out the video:


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