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    9 Celebrity #TBT Photos You Need To See This Week

    A behind-the-scenes pic from The Office kicks off this week’s #ThrowbackThursday.

    1. Mindy Kaling took us back to her early days as a writer on The Office.

    Mindy Kaling / Via

    2. While Liam Hemsworth took us back to when he and Miley Cyrus first fell in love — on the set of their 2010 film, The Last Song.

    Liam Hemsworth / Via

    3. Halle Berry reminded us she hasn't aged since 1998 with her TBT pic.

    Halle Berry / Via

    4. Cindy Crawford was feeling very fall-ish and '90s with her pic.

    Cindy Crawford / Via

    5. Chris Hemsworth (in the middle) shared a pic with his dad and older brother, Luke Hemsworth, in honor of Father's Day in Australia.

    Chris Hemsworth / Via

    6. Dolly Parton shared this pic from her iconic film 9 to 5 , in celebration of Labor Day.

    Dolly Parton / Via

    7. Jamie Lee Curtis was feeling the early '80s with her photo.

    Jaime Lee Curtis / Via

    8. Hugh Jackman remembered when he got slimed at the 2009 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards.

    Hugh Jackman / Via

    9. And finally, in honor of the 30th anniversary of The Oprah Winfrey Show, Oprah posted this pic from the very first episode.

    Oprah / Via

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