The Hardest Ever Game Of “Would You Rather” Late-’90s Teen Girls

Do you prefer smelly feet or bad highlights?

    1. Decorate your bed with an oh-so-dreamy mosquito net canopy…
    2. …or give your bedroom ceiling a celestial look with glow-in-the-dark stars?
    1. Paint your nails with Hard Candy Sky nail polish…
    2. …or wear mocha-colored lipstick?
    1. Via Disney
      Hang out with Romy and Michele…
    2. Via MTV
      …or Daria and Jane?
    1. Put wild-colored hair mascara highlights in your hair…
    2. Via
      …or wear iridescent rainbow butterfly clips in your hair?
    1. Have inflatable furniture…
    2. …or sponge-painted walls?
    1. Be dressed head to toe in Delia’s…
    2. Via Abercombie & Fitch
      …or Abercrombie & Fitch?
    1. Via Buena Vista Pictures
      Watch 10 Things I Hate About You over and over…
    2. Via Paramount
      …or watch Titanic over and over?
    1. Have an endless supply of Bath and Body Works splashes…
    2. …or Gap perfumes?
    1. Organize your life with an electronic organizer…
    2. Via
      …or a Lisa Frank day planner?
    1. Via UMG
      Karaoke “The Boy is Mine” with your ex’s new girlfriend…
    2. Via WMG
      …or lip-synch and dance to “Believe” in front of your secret crush?
    1. Have very, very smelly feet from jellies…
    2. …or have tragic orange highlights from Sun-In?

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