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    Here's What Early '00s Boy Band Members Are Doing These Days

    *Listens to "Liquid Dreams" on repeat*

    Nick Carter: He takes selfies with salads.

    A.J. McLean: He is growing a man bun.

    Howie D.: He takes winter vacations with his two kids.

    Brian Littrell: This is his kid. He's like a real person.

    Kevin Richardson: He somehow got tickets to Hamilton.

    Brad Fischetti: When he's not retweeting people about defunding Planned Parenthood or preaching in parking lots, he's praying outside of abortion clinics.

    Devin Lima: He's in a band called LiveFromOrlando. That's not a typo there just aren't any spaces in it.

    Erik-Michael Estrada: He rides the subway with AJ from BSB.

    Trevor Penick: He gave up drinking for Lent.

    Jacob Underwood: He doesn't have dreadlocks anymore.

    Dan Miller: His head is now the size of a slice of pizza.

    Ashley Angel Parker: Has left O-Town to pursue a career as a full-time certifiable Instagram thot.

    Justin Jeffre: He is telling people he didn't pay for their parking.

    Jeff Timmons: He's is probably working out because he still has those fat tits.

    Drew Lachey: He opened a bar with his brother in Cincinnati, Ohio.

    Nick Lachey: He feeds his pug spider monkey baby sushi.

    Mark Barry: He's a personal trainer and still could GET. IT.

    Christian Burns: He's a DJ now, I think.

    Stephen McNally: He is part of a band called 10 Reasons To Live. Their new album sampler was posted on YouTube on March 8, 2016. It currently has 288 views.

    Raz B: I think he owns a bar in Shanghai.

    Lil' Fizz: Is on VH1's Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood and promotes teeth whiteners on Insta.

    Omarion: Literally DAD AF.

    J-Boog: He makes Instagram videos showing you how to workout without a gym.

    JC Chasez: He tweets at Justin Timberlake. Justin Timberlake does not tweet back.

    Chris Kirkpatrick: He hosts '90s bar crawls.

    Lance Bass: He is scouting locations for "Bye Bye Bye" part 2.

    Joey Fatone: He is opening up a hot dog & Italian ice restaurant in the Florida Mall called "Fat One's." It's a play on his last name and most common insult.

    Justin Timberlake: Can't stop the feeling to straighten his hair! Is also busy getting dragged on Twitter.