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    Here Is Seth Meyers' Kinda Geeky Northwestern Freshman Yearbook Photo

    The former SNL-er and new Late Night host's photo recently surfaced online, and he has, well, changed a lot.

    Behold: It’s an 18-year-old Seth Meyer, during his freshman year at Northwestern University in 1992.

    And back then he was rockin' a serious early '90s pompadour!

    Also, he still hadn't found his comedic calling. Instead Seth listed baseball and films as his main interests.

    Seth told the The Daily Northwestern in 2011, that he originally had no ambitions to be a performer, saying:

    "When I first came to school I pretty much had no plans at all. I was initially a Radio/TV/Film major and thought that I wanted to be behind the camera."

    Now real talk: Is just me, or does a young Seth bear more than a passing resemblance to Jack McBrayer (aka 30 Rock’s Kenneth the Page)?

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