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    29 Pictures That Will Take Millennials Down A Rabbit Hole Of Pure Childhood Memories

    A warm trip back in time!

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    A 1990s background with "Remember when..." written on it
    Getty Images

    1. You'd get excited to go to Target 'cause it meant you could hit up the toy aisle...

    A photo of the Target toy department aisles in 1997
    Star Tribune via Getty Images / Getty Images

    2. ...and get an Icee:

    A shot of a cherry Icee

    3. When the biggest argument among you and your friends was who got to be which Spice Girl...

    The Spice Girls at the 1997 VMAs
    Brenda Chase / Getty Images

    4. ...or who was better: Backstreet Boys or NSYNC?

    Brenda Chase / Getty Images


    5. When this was the CD that played at every family party and backyard BBQ...

    The cover if the Pure Disco album featuring woman dressed in 70s looking sparkly bellbottoms and top

    6. ...and when this was the CD that made you want to get up and dance:

    A screenshot for the commercial of the Ultimate Dance Party 1997 CD
    A Doss /

    7. When going to eat at Rainforest Cafe...

    A mom with her two sons posing outside a Rainforest Cafe
    Richard Cummins Photography

    8. ...or Planet Hollywood felt like the coolest thing in the world to do:

    A poster for Planet Hollywood featuring Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, and Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Liaison / Getty Images

    9. When you couldn't wait until Laura and Steve Urkel would finally become a couple...

    A publicity photo of Laura and Steve from Family Matters
    ABC Photo Archives / Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

    10. ...and when you wanted to have a Mr. Feeny as your neighbor, teacher, and mentor:

    A publicity photo of Mr. Finney from Boy Meets World
    Touchstone Television / Courtesy Everett Collection

    11. When 90% of the fights you had with your siblings were over who got to be player one...

    A photo of an N64
    Steven Schultz/

    12. ...and how long you'd been using the internet:

    A photo of AOL connecting page

    13. When having a Kid Cuisine for dinner felt gourmet AF...

    A screenshot of a Kid Cuisine box from a '90s commercial

    14. ...and when a Fruitopia was the most refreshing thing to drink:

    Photo of two Fruitopia bottles

    15. When you'd entertain yourself at the store by looking through the poster display (mainly to get the satisfaction of the "clack-clack" sound it made)...

    16. ...or hide inside one of the circular clothing racks:

    A photo of a old Nordstrom Rack with circular clothing racks in them

    17. When the Scholastic order form was your Amazon...

    A Scholastic order form

    18. ...and the clamshell Disney VHS tapes were your Disney+:

    A large collection of clamshell Disney VHS tapes

    19. When getting up early on Saturdays was all about Saturday morning cartoons...

    A promotional photo for Disney's Recess
    Walt Disney Television / Courtesy Everett Collection

    20. ...and when Sundays were all about the mad dash of getting up early so that you could be the first to read the Sunday comics:

    A stock image of a little girl reading the Sunday comics
    Getty Images

    21. When wandering aimlessly around Barnes & Noble or Borders...

    A photo of the outside of a Barnes & Noble bookstore
    Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

    22. ...and a Virgin Megastore was a thing of joy:

    People looking around the CD section of a '90s Virgin Megastore
    James Leynse / Getty Images

    23. When "self-care" meant a bathtub full of Mr. Bubble and your favorite toys...

    A product shot of Mr. Bubble bottle

    24. ...or watching The Price Is Right (if you had stayed home sick from school):

    A photo of a contestant on stage on The Price Is Right
    CBS / Courtesy Everett Collection

    25. When celebrating a school friend's birthday party meant having cupcakes or cake during class...

    Preschoolers watching a birthday cake being lit by the teacher in the early '90s
    Michael L. Abramson / The Life Images Collection via Getty Images

    26. ...or being invited to Chuck E. Cheese's:

    The outside of Chuck E. Cheese's in the late '90s
    Mark Schiefelbein / WireImage

    27. When your Furby...

    A promotional product photo of a brown and white Furby
    Hulton Archive / Getty Images

    28. ...and your portable CD player were the most valuable things you owned:

    A stock image of a late '90s portable CD player
    Getty Images

    29. And finally, when there was no bigger thrill than opening up a brand-new pack of Pokémon cards:

    A photo of three unopened packs of late '90s Pokémon cards

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