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    35 Late-'90s Things From That Have Been Buried In The Deepest Recesses Of Millennials' Brains For The Last 20 Years

    A true trip back in time.

    1. Removable face plates for car stereos (which you had to remember to remove each time you parked your car):

    A Pioneer stereo face plate laying on a white surface

    2. E!'s Wild On series, which was a kinda softcore porn-ish show...

    Screenshot of Wild on The Beach logo

    3. ...and Coming Attractions, which was literally a half-hour show of just movie trailers:

    Screenshot of Coming Attractions host talking about Tomorrow Never Dies

    4. The '90s-meets-psychedelic design on Fruitopia vending machines:

    Fruitopia vending machine with purple psychedelic design

    5. The 25 AOL free-trial CDs you and your family would get every month:

    Pile of AOL CDs

    6. The Jerry Springer Too Hot for TV! VHS tape that they would show commercials for late at night:

    Photo of VHS tape with the Jerry Springer tape cover

    7. The Spice Girls' Generation Next Pepsi commercial (FTR, the song they sang was a bop):

    View this video on YouTube


    8. The envelopes you'd get your developed photos back in:

    A stack of photo envelopes fanned out

    9. These lava lamps that you thought looked both retro and futuristic:

    A green and a yellow rocket-style lava lamp

    10. "Goth Talk" on SNL, which was hosted by Circe Nightshade and Azrael Abyss:

    Chris Kattan as Azrael Abyss, Molly Shannon as Circe Nightshade, Rob Lowe as The Beholder during the 'Goth Talk' skit
    Nbc / NBCU Photo Bank / NBCUniversal via Getty Images

    11. David Arquette and other celebs doing commercials for collect call companies:

    A screenshot of David Arquette in workout clothes picking up a payphone
    Erik Martin/

    12. Having your floor look like this whenever you made a mixtape:

    CDs scattered on floor

    13. The racy Candie's perfume commercials that starred Alyssa Milano:

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    14. Those big Nature Sounds music displays inside Targets:

    Photo of Target employee fixing large wooden Nature Sounds CD display
    Star Tribune Via Getty Images / Getty Images

    15. Having a ton of blank VHS tapes with covers that looked like this:

    12 different VHS tapes laid on a table

    16. Real California Cheese commercials (that featured this logo):

Real California Cheese made of cheese
    Daves Archives/

    17. Cookie Crook, Chip the Dog, and Cookie Cop as the mascots for Cookie Crisp cereal:

    90s Commercials/

    18. That weird Friends Diet Coke contest that made no sense:

    View this video on YouTube

    matthew monter/

    19. Socially Hazardous stickers that they sold at gas stations and sticker vending machines inside Walmart:

    A large pile of Socially Hazardous stickers on a table

    20. Evian being the bougiest bottled water you could buy:

    Evian bottles on a store shelf
    Jean-pierre Muller / AFP via Getty Images

    21. Publishers Clearing House magazine stamps that you would use to order magazines that you then would never pay for:

    A sheet of magazine stamps featuring dozens of different magazine stamps

    22. Ordering VHS tapes through Columbia House (which you wouldn't pay for):

    A Columbia House Video Club order form

    23. McDonald's food that came in this packaging:

    New York Daily News Archive / NY Daily News via Getty Images

    24. CompUSA (where everyone got their desktop PC fixed at):

    A CompUSA store with red exterior in the mid-'90s
    Star Tribune Via Getty Images / Star Tribune via Getty Images

    25. The Discovery Channel Store, which was filled with so many overpriced things:

    The back of Discovery Channel Store with shoppers, shirts stacked on the wall, and a collection of telescopes in the middle
    Star Tribune Via Getty Images / Star Tribune via Getty Images

    26. And the Natural Wonders stores with their light-wood interiors and rain sticks:

    @jhonnycharles88 The Natural Wonders store got a lot of my allowance back then 😂🤣

    Twitter: @LightMyFireSign

    27. Cyber cafés, which are kinda weird in retrospect:

    Two guys sitting in an internet cafe looking at a desktop PC
    Mike Nelson / AFP via Getty Images

    28. Pager cases that you would clip onto your belt or jean pockets:

    A gray plastic pager case

    29. The absolute trend phenomenon that was WonderBra:

    One WonderBra hanging on a rack
    Mark Boster / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

    30. The green FBI warning screen that played before Disney VHS tapes:

    Jordan Rios/

    31. Coupons that came inside VHS movies you bought:

    A Little Mermaid VHS tape still in its packaging with a coupon sticker on the cover

    32. Cool boom boxes that came with removable speakers:


    33. Old Navy commercials that featured the "Item of the Week":

    Screenshot of Old Navy commercial "Item of the Week" sleep bottoms in a marque
    Analog Memories/

    34. Gap's super-catchy "Everyone in..." campaign:

    View this video on YouTube


    35. And lastly, the Jar Jar Binks lollipops that basically made you French-kiss Jar Jar:

    A Jar Jar Binks lollipop with its mouth open

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