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    22 Facts That Will Be Truly Upsetting To '90s Girls

    "I REFUSE TO ACCEPT THIS!" —You reading this

    1. Roswell officially turned 20 years old this year...

    2. did Angel:

    Sony Television

    3. That was also the time that all these teen movies came out (which makes them no longer ~even teens~):

    Warner Bros./Paramount/Universal/ Sony

    4. In news that will leave you totally buggin': Alicia Silverstone played the mom in the last Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie:

    20th Century Fox

    And yup, that's Tom Everett Scott playing the dad.

    5. And in some more news that will leave you totally buggin': Next year Clueless will turn 25:


    Which basically means it would be like someone in 1995 loving a movie from 1970! (Think about that.)

    6. If Bart Simpson aged like a real person, he could be feeding his shorts to his own kids now. He'd be 40 years old today — which also makes him older than Homer is supposed to be:

    Fox Television

    Bart was 10 years old on The Simpsons’ first episode in 1989. Homer is supposed to be 38 or 39.

    7. All these seminal albums were released 25 years ago:

    WMG/UMG/Sony Music

    8. It was also 25 years ago that Friends first premiered:

    Nbc / Getty Images

    9. And reminiscing about your favorite episode of the show today would be like someone reminiscing about their favorite episode of an early '70s TV series in the '90s:

    Nbc / Getty Images

    10. You singing TLC's "No Scrubs"...

    Sony Music

    11. ...or Blink-182's "All the Small Things" today would be like someone in 1999 singing a song from 1979:


    12. Also for kids today, Blink-182 is classic rock:

    I was just playing Blink-182 in my office when my coworker’s son walked by and said, “Dude, I love classic rock!” First of all, no. Secondly, how dare you.

    13. In three years, Destiny's Child will be eligible for induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame:

    Sony Music

    Artists are eligible for induction 25 years after the release of their first record or single. Destiny's Child debut single, "No, No, No" will turn 25 in 2022.

    14. Today we're further away from Ace of Base's first breakthrough single "All That She Wants," than we were in 1993 from ABBA's breakthrough 1974 single "Waterloo":

    Arista, WMG

    ABBA had their first worldwide success in 1973-74, while Ace of Base had theirs 20 years later in 1993-94.

    15. Tia and Tamera Mowry are now older than Jackée Harry was when Sister, Sister premiered:

    Abc Photo Archives / Walt Disney Television via Getty

    Jackée was 38, when the show premiered in 1994, while Tia and Tamera are now 41.

    16. While Mark-Paul Gosselaar is older today than Dennis Haskins was when he first started playing Mr. Belding on Saved by the Bell:

    NBC / Getty Images

    Dennis was 38 when the show premiered, while Mark-Paul is 45 years old today.

    17. Speaking of Saved by the Bell, the show turned 30 years old this year:

    Nbc / Getty Images

    Basically the age of a show you would have watched on Nick at Nite in the '90s.

    18. Kids entering high school this year weren't even born when Carson Daly was the host of TRL:

    Scott Gries / Getty Images

    TBH, they probably never had to watch a music video on TV.

    19. Speaking of teens today, they have NO idea what Teen People is...the last issue was published in 2006:

    People Magazine

    20. They also have zero clue what YM is, 'cause that hasn't been published since 2004:


    Yup, 15 years! There is a big generation of teens who have grown up without the wisdom (aka quizzes) of YM!!!

    21. Jonathan Taylor Thomas is now as old as Tim Allen was when he first starred on Home Improvement:

    Abc Photo Archives / Walt Disney Television via Getty

    JTT just turned 38, which was the same age Tim was when Home Improvement premiered in 1991.

    22. And finally, Jurassic Park, Mrs. Doubtfire, and Hocus Pocus were all released closer to the Moon landing than they are to today:

    Universal/ 20th Century Fox/ Disney

    The movies are 26 years old today, and we were only 24 years removed from the Moon landing in 1993.

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