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    Every Sitcom In The '90s Went To Disney World

    Even if it didn’t make much sense plot-wise, families on sitcoms ALWAYS went to Disney parks.

    Full House

    Courtesy: Everett Collection

    Episode: “The House Meets the Mouse (Part 1 & 2)” (1993)

    Why they went: Jesse's band, the Rippers, gets a gig at Walt Disney World on his anniversary. He and his wife, Becky, plan to have a second honeymoon but realize they would miss the kids too much, so they take them too. Joey, who co-hosts a radio station with Jesse, gets permission from the station to take the show to Florida. Danny's morning talk show, Wake Up, San Francisco, is in reruns and, coincidentally, D.J., Steph, Michelle, and Kimmy (whose parents will pay for any vacation as long as it's not with them) all have school vacation. Plus, Danny's long-distance girlfriend, Vicky, flies down. So the only one left behind is D.J.'s boyfriend, Steve.

    Episode synopsis by: Mouse Planet

    Step by Step

    Episode: “We're Going to Disney World (Part 1 & 2)” (1996)

    Why they went: Frank and Carol want to celebrate their anniversary, so they decide to go to Disney World and bring along their kids.

    Family Matters

    Warner Brothers Television / Courtesy: Everett Collection

    Episode: “We're Going to Disney World (Part 1 & 2)” (1995)

    Why they went: Steve Urkel heads to Epcot to compete in an inventors' competition with his invention that turns him into Stefan. The Winslows come along as well (even though they hate Urkel?).

    Boy Meets World

    Touchstone Television/courtesy Everett Collection

    Episode: “The Happiest Show on Earth” (1996)

    Why they went: Topanga wins a science competition where the prize is a trip to Walt Disney World. Cory and Shawn follow her there (Cory was trying to win back his true love).

    They also run into the cast of Step by Step (crossover!).


    Touchstone Television / courtesy Everett Collection

    Episode: “Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men” (1993)

    Why they went: Nick Russo, Blossom's dad, gets a gig at Disneyland and brings along Blossom; Joey; Tony; Tony's girlfriend, Rhonda; Blossom's best friend, Six; and Blossom's boyfriend, Vinnie.

    Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

    Viacom / Courtesy: Everett Collection

    Episode: ““Disney World” (1998)

    Why they went: Sabrina's science class goes on a field trip to Disney's brand-new Animal Kingdom.


    Episode: “We're Going to Disney World” and “Disney World War II” (1996)

    Why they went: Dan and Roseanne decide to invite the entire family on a vacation to Disney World (which doesn’t make much sense since they were also broke).

    In 1997, The New York Times summed it up best:

    "...ABC shows sent their characters to Disney World for an episode (or two), and painted the park as something close to heaven. Not only were there no 45-minute lines for rides or overcrowded restaurants, but everyone's problems were solved there. A theme park, it seems, is the place to find true love, rekindle it or teach the children vital moral lessons they apparently never bothered to learn at home."

    Sitcoms from the '90s go to Disney supercut:

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