20 Ways Cory And Topanga Gave You Unrealistic Expectations About Relationships

Cory and Topanga have scarred you for life and you don’t even know it.

20. You will never be in a museum, looking at a Van Gogh, and refer to your relationship as a “masterpiece.”

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19. You were never this insightful in middle school. You were a greasy tween.

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18. No human is as awkwardly smooth as Cory Matthews. Boys are also not allowed in the girls bathroom.

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17. Your best friend could never compete with Shawn.

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16. Normally, choking would be cause for concern…

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… but when Cory and Topanga do it, it’s totally cool.

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15. No one will ever get this excited over your butt.

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14. You would look like idiots in matching denim outfits.

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13. Cheating will never sound this romantic.

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12. Distance will never seem so right.

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11. There is no way you will EVER be this insightful.

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10. No one will ever help you with your hosiery.

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9. God will never cry over your temporary breakup.

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8. Your best friend will never go this insane over a pencil.

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7. You will never have a black-and-white animated GIF of you casually looking around and making eyes with your future husband.

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6. You will never have animated GIFs of your first kiss.

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5. This ridiculously romantic moment will never happen to you.

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4. This will also never actually happen to you.

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3. Your proposal will never/could never possibly be this romantic/unexpected.

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2. Your proposal will also never be broadcasted as a finale on TGIF.

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1. If you said this on Twitter it would just sound like an obnoxious humble brag…

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…but when Cory does, it’s just really really adorable.

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Sooooo, sorry to bring this up again, but you’re screwed.

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You might as well just give up.

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Cory and Topanga are a perfect couple, and watching them has forever scarred you, tainting your future outlook of relationships.

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