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    “Dazed And Confused": Where Are They Now?

    The cult-classic coming-of-age movie is 20 years old, and it's time to see what happened to the students of Lee High School.

    Matthew McConaughey (David Wooderson)

    The iconic Wooderson was the slightly creepy older guy who hadn't quite moved on from high school. Of course, he also delivered the most quoted line from the film, "That's what I love about these high school girls, man. I get older, they stay the same age."


    Michael Buckner / Getty Images

    Matthew has gone on to have a huge career, but he clearly still holds a special place for Wooderson: In 2012 he reprised the role in the music video for “Synthesizers” by Butch Walker and the Black Widows.

    Rory Cochrane (Ron Slater)

    Ron was Lee High's resident stoner.


    Rory went on to star in another seminal ’90s coming-of-age movie, Empire Records, and has worked continuously since. He most recently appeared in his Dazed costar Ben Affleck's film Argo.

    Jason London (Randall "Pink" Floyd)

    Randall “Pink” Floyd was the star football player with a rebellious streak.


    Over the years Jason has worked steadily, guest starring on television shows like Criminal Minds and Grey's Anatomy.

    In January 2013, he was arrested on suspicion of assault and disorderly conduct after a getting into a fight with bouncer at a bar in Scottsdale, Arizona.

    Marissa Ribisi (Cynthia Dunn)

    Cynthia was the slightly nerdish redhead who caught the attention of Wooderson.


    Getty Images

    Marissa appeared in several films and TV shows throughout the ’90s, including Friends and Felicity. Today she owns the clothing line Whitley Kros and has two children with her husband Beck (yup, the musician).

    Parker Posey (Darla Marsh)

    Darla was a hazing-happy cheerleader who enjoyed humiliating future freshman girls with her "air raids."


    Parker went on to build a strong career in indie movies, earning her the nickname "Queen of the Indies." She has also dabbled quite a bit in television, guest starring on Will & Grace, Parks and Recreation, The Good Wife, and Louie.

    In 2008, Parker even had her own short-lived sitcom, The Return of Jezebel James.

    Wiley Wiggins (Mitch Kramer)

    Mitch Kramer was the baby-faced freshman who is initiated into the cool crowd by Pink and then manages to get his revenge on the cruelest and meathead-iest senior in school, O'Bannion.


    Larry Busacca / Getty Images

    Wiley was 15 when he was cast in Dazed, and since then he has been in a handful of movies. Most recently he appeared in the 2013 indie film Computer Chess.

    Joey Lauren Adams (Simone Kerr)

    Simone was the girlfriend of Pink, who eloquently delivered the line, "Fry like bacon, you little freshman piggies!"


    Larry Busacca / Getty Images

    Joey’s most memorable role came a few years later in 1997’s Chasing Amy. She has continued to work in minor roles throughout the years, appearing most recently in the indie film Blue Caprice.

    Anthony Rapp (Tony Olson)

    The intellectual and awkward Tony gave everyone the most horrible mental image when he said it was his dream of getting it on with "this perfect female body...but with the head of Abraham Lincoln."


    Mike Lawrie / Getty Images

    Anthony continues to do some film and TV, but it's been in the theater world where he's achieved major success. He originated the role of Mark Cohen in the Broadway production of Rent in 1996 and later reprised the role for the 2005 film version.

    Adam Goldberg (Mike Newhouse)

    Mike was the lovable neurotic nerd who gets his ass kicked in a drunken brawl — but all he really wanted to do was dance.


    Adam has continued to work nonstop since the ‘90s, most memorably appearing in Saving Private Ryan and on Friends as Chandler’s roommate. IMDb has his most recent film, The Anna Nicole Story, in which he plays Howard K. Stern, listed as in post-production.

    Shawn Andrews (Kevin Pickford)

    We all felt Kevin's pain when his party of the year was busted by his parents.



    Shawn has worked on a few projects over the years. Most recently in 2008, he costarred with Olivia Wilde in Fix.

    Milla Jovovich (Michelle Burroughs)

    Michelle was the free-spirited girlfriend of Kevin Pickford.


    Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

    Most of Milla's dialogue was cut from the film, greatly reducing her role (and despite her small part, she still appeared on the movie poster and on a lot of the promotional material). This snub and her split with co-star Shawn Andrews (whom she married as a minor) resulted in her taking a hiatus from acting.

    Milla recovered, though, and is now a triple threat: fashion designer, singer, and actress.

    Ben Affleck (Fred O'Bannion)

    O'Bannion was the paddle-wielding meathead bully who took hazing to the extreme.


    Jason Merritt / Getty Images

    Ben was never heard from again.

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