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    15 Celebrity #TBT Photos You Might Not Have Seen This Week

    Reese Witherspoon looking back at her 2010 movie How Do You Know kicks off this week's #ThrowbackThursday!


    1. Reese Witherspoon remembered her and Paul Rudd's 2010 rom-com, How Do You Know:

    2. Kim Kardashian shared this photo of herself and her lifelong BFF, Allison Statter, visiting her grandma in the late '80s:

    3. Brandy posted this clip from the Moesha episode where Moesha met Brandy (very '90s meta):

    4. Brie Larson shared her seventh-grade yearbook photo from the mid-'00s — which she took a Sharpie to 'cause she did not like it:

    5. Dolly Parton posted this photo of herself with Willie Nelson in the early '80s:

    6. In honor of Bill Clinton's 74th birthday, Hillary Clinton shared this photo of the two of them in the early '70s:

    Join me in wishing this young man a happy birthday. ❤️🎉@BillClinton

    7. Paul McCartney posted this photo his late wife, Linda McCartney, took of him in LA in 1968:

    8. Jennifer Lopez celebrated the 20th anniversary of her sci-fi film The Cell by sharing this clip from it:

    I can’t believe it’s the 20th anniversary of my 12th Film #TheCell! It’s one of the most exciting experiences I’ve ever had making a movie... from the storyline to the incredible sets and costumes, everything about this movie echoed a limitless mentality.

    9. To celebrate the birthdays of her cousins Adam and Doug, Natalie Portman posted this photo of the three of them in the early '80s:

    10. Legendary photographer Mick Rock shared this behind-the-scenes photo he took of Tim Curry on the set of The Rocky Horror Picture Show:

    11. Kelly Ripa posted this photo of herself with her kids in 2003, and re-created a 2020 version of it as well:

    12. Michelle Pfeiffer shared these behind-the-scenes photos of the special effect makeup she wore for her 2007 film Stardust:

    13. Kevin Bacon posted this clip of himself and Tom Cruise from their 1992 movie, A Few Good Men:

    I have had the privilege of playing a few good characters named “Jack,” but this one was one of my favorites. #TBT #AFewGoodMen

    14. Missy Elliott celebrated the one-year anniversary of her song "Throw It Back" by sharing this clip from the music video for it:

    15. And finally, Mandy Moore celebrated the 21st anniversary of her debut single, "Candy," by sharing this clip of the intro for the iconic music video for it:

    21 years ago....don't you miss it, too? 🍬

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