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    35 Things Late-'90s Teens Have Completely Forgotten About

    If you're under 31, you won't understand this.

    1. Having a beeper chain and actually attaching it to your pants.

    2. Watching "Goth Talk" on SNL and totally knowing a kid or two who were like Circe Nightshade and Azrael Abyss.

    3. Feeling a bit meh when Carmen Electra took over for Jenny McCarthy on Singled Out...

    4. ...'cause Jenny had gone on to have her own sketch show on MTV.

    5. Swallowing a BreathAsure after lunch 'cause it was supposed to keep your "breath fresh from the inside out."

    6. Decorating your bedroom with celestial patterns.

    7. Being really into Gap scents (along with their chinos and pocket tees, of course).

    8. Digging chunky Skechers and literally wanting every pair of shoes they made.

    9. Reading Snaps to learn some witty "Yo mama" insults.

    10. Not being as obsessed with CK Be as you were with CK One.

    11. Watching the Lee Jeans commercials featuring Buddy Lee and being like "WTF?":

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    12. Having an allegiance to either Airwalk or Simple sneakers.

    13. Wearing sandals with white socks.

    14. Thinking Levi's SilverTab jeans were designer-ish.

    15. Knowing that one kid in your school who had a bootleg VHS copy of the Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee sex tape.

    16. Picking up your local alt-weekly newspaper at the record store in order to know what was going on that weekend and what movies were playing.

    17. Being really into Gap's "Everybody In..." campaign:

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    18. Getting store gift certificates (not gift cards) for holidays and birthdays.

    19. Wearing baggy-as-hell carpenter jeans and getting the "hammer" loop stuck everywhere.

    20. Thinking of the Snapple Lady anytime you had a Snapple.

    21. Ordering a bunch of CDs from Columbia House and/or BMG and never paying for them.

    22. Ordering a bunch of magazines from Publisher's Clearing House and never paying for them.

    23. Having to go in person to Ticketmaster to buy tickets for a concert or show.

    24. Attending at least one midnight screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show (or maybe having a few friends who were really into it).

    25. Ordering stuff off the Girlfriends LA catalog.

    26. Buying Mossimo at a department store 'cause it was a high-end brand.

    27. Rocking a rice necklace that you bought at the mall kiosk.

    28. Seeing lots of "sexy" cigarette ads in magazines.

    29. Storing all your mixtapes in a portable cassette tape holder.

    30. Wanting a few pairs of pastel-colored and two-toned Hush Puppies.

    31. Having one of these if you didn't have a CD player in your car:

    32. Carrying around a day planner — which basically just had all your friends' home phone and pager numbers in it, and a bunch of photos you'd take together at the mall photo studio:

    33. Watching The Jerry Springer Show just for the fights.

    34. Having this happen to your baggy pants whenever it was a rainy or snowy day:

    35. And finally, watching porn that looked like this: