People Are Sharing What They’re Cutting Back On In Order To Save Money, And A lot Of These Are Truly Little Things That You Don’t Realize Really Add Up

    It's everything from not buying daily coffees or bringing homemade lunch to work, to completely cutting back on online shopping or canceling pricey gym memberships.

    The price of almost everything has gone up lately, and for many of us that has led to find ways to save money were we can. So I recently asked the BuzzFeed Community members to tell us what little or big changes they have made to help save them some money.

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    And here is what people said they're cutting back on:


    "I buy groceries and things for my pets (mostly food and some medicines) and that’s it. It’s definitely made a difference. I had to cut out buying an afternoon coffee when I’m at work (being at work six days a week, it adds up) and I don’t buy snacks when I’m out (at work or otherwise), I only bring whatever I have from my groceries or I don’t eat. I loved having a glass of wine at night, but cut that out. I try to see how many days I can go without spending any money at all. It’s worth noting I live in NYC, so between walking and public transportation, I don’t have to deal with a car."



    "I cook dinners for two days. I buy clothes at thrift shops. I take colder and shorter showers (I don't like hot water so that's okay) and I use a lot of off-brand products.

    Oh, and I charge my phone at work."


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    "I’ve been working from home. I basically just don’t go anywhere, except one day a week. Saves me gas and expenses on dinners. I also don’t eat as much since I’m not as active."



    "I started using my reusable water bottles instead of buying plastic bottles. It saves me money and it's better for the environment. That's enough motivation for me."



    "Brew my own coffee. Use a good coffee maker and then you can buy coffee beans in large quantities. Way better than anything from a store at a fraction of the price and no need to drive or wait for crappy coffee. I save about $30 bucks a week, or $1,500 a year and I drink a ton of coffee!"



    "Lots of things. We stopped taking drives to relax. We stopped going to the movies, and wait for it to be available to stream. Stopped eating out as much or getting coffees at a coffee shop."



    "I used to buy a few new pieces of clothes each season to keep my wardrobe fresh. With less disposable income, I've stopped and now work with what I have. I have to get creative to create new and fresh outfits."



    "Limit ourselves to one Amazon order a week."



    "I used to order a meal plan service every week, and now I just make sandwiches every day for lunch. I also cancelled my membership at Orange Theory because, as much as I love Orange Theory, it's absurdly expensive and it's nothing you can't do on your own at any other gym."



    "I go out of my way to buy in bulk, especially for paper products. I usually go to BJ's. Knowing that I don't have to buy toilet paper/paper towels/napkins for a few months frees up a little money to use on other essentials."



    "We stopped buying takeout and started cooking food at home more. Even though it takes a decent amount of time to prepare food and always have to think about what to make next, it's worth knowing that we're somewhat saving money AND also eating healthier."



    "I've had to cut out chocolate for the most part. I used to spend way too much of chocolate at the grocery store. I stopped and it's helped a lot."



    "My bills now are the same as they were before inflation, but I've started cutting out any and every daily indulgence, wine, impulse Amazon purchases, and new clothes. Kind of ridiculous to write this realizing I used to be able to do a lot more with the same pay, but here we are."



    "I've started bringing lunches to work that I'm actually excited about instead of just stuff that I ~could~ eat if I felt like it. I'm less tempted to join in when my coworkers talk about ordering lunch from a local restaurant."



    "Quit vaping and buying energy drinks."



    And lastly: "Instead of buying a Starbucks before work every morning, I put the money ($4–6) in my savings account every day instead and drink the coffee in the office. It's not the same but I have saved $100 this month alone."


    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    Now I am curious, have you made changes like this recently in order to save money? Let me know in the comments below!