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Tell Us What Big Changes You've Made In What You Spend Your Money On Now That Everything Has Gotten Expensive

With almost everything going up in price, it does seem lately like everyone is trying to save money here and there, but I am curious if you're changing your lifestyle to make those changes.

I recently did a post on a Reddit thread where the original poster asked people what products they had stopped buying because the price had gone up on it and it was now too expensive.

The post had lots and lots of comments from people sharing some of the things they have decided to stop buying.

But this left me thinking that aside from no longer buying certain things, What little or big changes have people made to help save them some money?

Perhaps you and your family have been driving to destinations instead of flying.

Maybe you no longer go to the movies and just wait for them to drop on a streaming service or rent them as soon as they're available digitally:

Or perhaps you said goodbye to online shopping and decided to save money by shopping at thrift stores — whenever you need something new for your wardrobe or home.

Or maybe you and your S.O. have given up going out to eat and have taken up cooking restaurant-style meals at home instead.

So tell us what changes you've made to help save money (and if you've seen it really make a difference) in the comments below or submit anonymously using this form for a chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.