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Here Are 19 Universally Beloved Celebs, But I Want To Know If You Think They Should Be Part Of The MCU

Megan Thee Stallion, John Krasinski, Owen Wilson, and Jonathan Majors are all recent celebs to join the MCU — but I want to see if we all agree on who we want to see join it next.

As you probably already know, Kim Kardashian recently did a cover story with Interview magazine (it's the one where she is wearing a jockstrap on the cover).

Kim smiling with blond hair and a short-sleeved top

And among the many things she talked about was the fact that she thinks it would be fun to do a Marvel movie. Now, to be fair, she made it clear she isn't actively campaigning to be in one, just saying that she would want to.

Kim at the Met Gala

That got me thinking: The MCU has had soooo many actors appear in the different movies and TV shows throughout the decades that there really aren't that many celebs who haven't.

But I did a roundup of 19 beloved celebrities who haven't appeared in any MCU projects, and I am curious whether you would want to see them cast in one:

And lastly...