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35 Things All Early-’00s Teen Girls Desperately Wanted For Christmas

It was a simpler time, when all you wanted was a monogram Coach purse with the matching sneakers.

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1. Dooney & Bourke and Coach monogram bags:

The monograms were an unsubtle way to brag that you had been gifted a pricier-than-average bag. Basically, you just wanted to say, "YES, my parents spoil me this much!"

3. Flip phone:

Let's be honest, NOTHING was cooler than having a flip phone — well, unless your phone was an oh-so-pretty Baby Phat flip phone. No more pushing buttons in order to answer or hang up on calls, and no more butt-dialing. Plus, slamming shut your phone after a phone call got you heated was one of the best feelings ever.


13. A Tiffany charm necklace:

You wanted this for two reasons and two reasons only: It came from Tiffany! And it seemed like every ~cool~ girl was sporting one. Also, Reese Witherspoon rocked one in Legally Blonde.

15. Blank CDs:


You needed to have lots and lots of these for making mix CDs for yourself or your friends. And also for whenever you got the dreaded "burn error" message and had to re-burn your mix all over again on a new blank CD.


19. DVD player:


If you had a TV in your room, getting your own DVD player was a must! It allowed you and your friends to watch your Blockbuster rentals without the intrusion of your siblings or nosy parents — who'd probably ask why you were watching a movie with so much sex in it.


23. A car stereo with a removal face (if you drove your own car):


The removal face helped prevent someone from breaking into your car. You also needed to have the one that would display cool graphics when turned on.

24. An Abercrombie & Fitch gift card and issue of A&F Quarterly:

Obviously you couldn't go wrong with getting a gift card to Abercrombie, 'cause you could always use a new pair of distressed flare jeans, a polo, sweats, or graphic tee. But TBH, it was little harder to get convince your parents to get you the A&F Quarterly for Christmas 'cause they "saw something about it on Dateline."


26. A ceramic flat iron:

A flat iron was a must-own accessory in the early '00s if you wanted to achieve perfect pin-straight hair (à la Jennifer Aniston's enviable locks on Friends). Better yet was if your flat iron came with changeable plates — which allowed you to crimp or add waves if you felt like changing things up.

28. A short denim skirt:


OK, so this wasn't really practical to ask for around Christmastime. But you knew you'd find ways to wear a miniskirt during colder months — and that as soon as it was warmer than 65 degrees you'd be wearing it ALL THE TIME.


30. Thin sparkly scarves:

Sure, these didn't keep you warm, and they were also kind of itchy. But they looked so cool and you knew it would bring out your inner bohemian.


34. Juicy Couture tracksuit:

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It was THE luxe status outfit. And it was comfy AF. Seriously, these were basically just PJs you wore out of the house. Of course you needed to wear them with Uggs for literally the most comfortable outfit you could ever imagine wearing while still being "cool and stylish."

35. An iPod:


In case you don't remember, these things were crazy expensive!!! In 2003, a 30GB model cost $499 (that's $655 today if adjusted for inflation). Of course if you did get one for Christmas (it would be a Christmas miracle), you made sure to casually walk around the school holding it, showing off what was basically the iPhone 7 of its time. This was the ULTIMATE Christmas gift.