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    25 Pictures That'll Give Anyone Between The Ages 27-35 A Full-On Nostalgiagasm

    Honestly, I still get stressed thinking about taking care of a Tamagotchi.

    1. This gamebook (notepad) series that made you feel like you were a comedic genius:

    Cover for Mad Libs

    2. The best way to learn math in elementary school, which also doubled as a sort-of Lego:

    A photo of blue Base Ten Blocks.

    3. The best snack you could have at recess:

    Photo of a box of Kudos box.

    4. And the best snack you could have after school:

    5. Having Arthur...

    Screenshot of the cartoon character Arthur Read winking.

    6. ...and The Magic School Bus as the cartoons you only watched at your grandparents' house 'cause they didn't have cable:

    Screenshot of the cartoon Miss Frizzle smiling with her hands up, with her pet lizard, Liz, around her shoulders.

    7. The Pizza Hut commercials with Pizza Head that made you both hungry and feel sorry for a slice of pizza:

    8. Owning one of these sand-filled, glittery, rainbow lizard toys:

    A photo of a stuffed lizard made with a rainbow colored iridescent fabric.

    9. Tamagotchi — the first thing that you truly felt responsible for, which would also cause you so much stress:

    Close-up photo of a kid's hand holding a purple Tamagotchi.

    10. And this totally reasonable way to deal with the death of a Tamagotchi:

    A photo of Tamagotchi gravesite in the English countryside.

    11. The original Tinder:

    A piece of school paper with "you like me: yes, no, maybe" written on it and surrounded by hearts.

    12. This toy that was really a torture device for your ankles:

    A photo of a purple Skip-It toy.

    13. The carpet at Chuck E. Cheese's that was always covered in old gum, dirt, and food bits — that you somehow, always, ended up touching irregardless:

    14. The Aladdin game on SNES that was so fun, but also an unnecessarily hard game to beat:

    15. And Rainbow Road on Mario Kart 64, which would make your palms sweaty just thinking about it:

    A screenshot of Rainbow Road from "Mario Kart 64."

    16. This TV series, which was the best way you could learn how to paint...

    A screenshot of Bob Ross painting a tree with the caption, "Now, are you ready for a big tree?" written on it.

    17. ...and this TV series, which was the best way you could learn about science:

    18. These glow-in-the-dark blocks that you never saw anyone have IRL:

    A screen grab of a glow-in-the-dark block setr.

    19. And this Rainbow Art set that — thanks to the commercials playing nonstop — you ended up begging your parents to order for you:

    A screenshot of a kid painting rainbow butterflies with Rainbow Art.

    20. These albums, which played at every classmate's birthday party you went to:

    21. These Valentine's Day cards that were also stickers:

    A set of Disney Hercules-themed Valentine's Day sticker cards.

    22. These Looney Tunes novelty cups, which always caused a fight between you and your siblings over who got to use it:

    23. Arcade tables — that you always would run and grab whenever you and your family would go to your local pizza parlor:

    A black arcade table for Street Fighter 2 and several other games, flanked by two matching stools.

    24. Hair gel from L.A. Looks and Dep (which you would add globs and globs of to make your hair look stiff as a board):

    A bottle of blue L.A. Looks hair gel.

    25. And finally, having this as your Saturday night plans: