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    30 Pictures That Only People Between The Ages Of 37–46 Will Really Understand

    The era of Reaganomics, big shoulder pads, and terrifying kids with books and movies.

    1. How you can't think of My Buddy and Kid Sister without hearing the jingle for them in your head:

    Screenshot of My Buddy and Kid Sister commercial

    2. How every toy took like seven D batteries just to work:

    Duracell D batteries 4-pack

    3. How every family owned these Return of the Jedi glasses from Burger King:

    Four Return of the Jedi glasses

    4. How even though they were brother and sister, everyone assumed He-Man and She-Ra were together:

    Screenshot of He-Man and She-Ra hugging
    Warner Bros. Animation

    5. How every single cartoon had a PSA at the end of it:

    GI Joe PSA

    6. How this Hands Across America T-shirt showed up in your dresser one day and you have no idea how:

    Hands Across America white T-shirt

    7. How dressing up as a character for Halloween meant having to wear a plastic smock and a mask that you could barely see out of:

    8. How the illustrations from Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark were actually more frightening than the stories:

    Cover for Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
    Harper Collins

    9. How you watched Gremlins thinking it was going to be a cute movie about a little teddy bear–type creature, but instead were terrified by all the gremlins terrorizing everyone:

    Phoebe Cates and Zach Galligan with Gizmo in Gremlins
    Warner Bros. Pictures / Corbis via Getty Images

    10. How obsessed people were with wheat germ and putting it on breakfast foods:

    Screenshot of wheat germ from a commercial

    11. And how General Foods International Coffee seemed like the fanciest coffee you could drink:

    Screenshot of hand holding tin of International Coffee
    VintageCommercials/ ://

    12. How you knew you were in for a treat whenever you saw this logo:

    FHE logo

    13. How you thought big-screen TVs were the coolest thing ever, even though they were blurry messes that were hard to watch:

    Body by Jake standing next to giant TV
    Paul Harris / Getty Images

    14. How when you think about Pizza Hut, you still think of it as a sit-down restaurant with dark interiors...

    Exterior of Pizza Hut with a red roof

    15. ...and these cups (which you can feel by just looking at them):

    Red plastic cups

    16. How normal it was for kids to ride in the trunk of a station wagon without any seatbelts or seats:

    Two kids and a dog staring outside the back window
    Classicstock / Getty Images

    17. How you had an at least 80% chance of getting burned whenever you slid down an aluminum slide...

    Meme of metal slide with "this was always the exact moment you wished you were wearing pants"

    18. ...or putting on your metal seat buckle on a hot day:

    Two GM metal buckles

    19. How McDonald's used to have that terrifying tree person inside of its restaurants or in its playgrounds...

    Motorhead the band standing next to McDonald's tree
    Paul Natkin / Getty Images

    20. ...and also their terrifying (in retrospect) commercials that featured come-to-life singing Chicken McNuggets:

    Six puppet Chicken McNuggets with eyes and mouth in a box

    21. How you only thought of Jane Fonda as the "workout lady":

    Screen shot of Jane Fonda working out
    Music On TV1/

    22. How you thought you could beat Double Dare:

    Susan Aimee Weinik / The LIFE Images Collection via G

    23. How the "Barth's Burgers" sketches from You Can't Do That on Television were almost nauseatingly gross:

    Barth looking dirty

    24. How going to a birthday party meant there would be at least one Hawaiian pizza...

    Stock image of Hawaiian pizza
    Gancino / Getty Images

    25. ...and at least one Ziggy card among the birthday cards:

    1980s Ziggy card

    26. How Time Life Books ran nonstop commercials for its creepy AF Mysteries of the Unknown series:

    Screenshot of books from Mysteries of the Unknown commercial
    TIme Life

    27. How every kid owned at least one Garfield book...

    Two Garfield books

    28. ...and the Snoopy Sno-Cones maker:

    29. How you thought Madonna was the coolest person in the world, but your parents would only tell you she was a bad influence:

    Picture of Madonna in 1984 agains yellow in background
    Picture Alliance / picture alliance via Getty Images

    30. And lastly, how over 30 years later, you're still traumatized by that episode of Punky Brewster where Cherie almost died after being locked in the abandoned fridge:

    Screen shot of Cherie in the fridge being found