100 Things From The '80s That Anyone Between The Ages Of 36 And 47 Has Completely Forgotten About

    Sorry, Gen Z, this post is for Gen X'ers and "old millennials" only!!!

    1. The traumatizing episode of Punky Brewster where Cherie almost died after getting trapped in the old refrigerator:

    2. Serendipity books, which had oh-so-'70s-looking covers:

    3. The Flintstones Lucky Eggs machines that were at every supermarket and pizza parlor:

    4. The ALF puppets you could get at Burger King:

    5. Cars with ashtrays on the doors (that would burn your arm on hot days):

    6. The Disney's Children's Favorites album that every kid seemed to have in their record collection:

    7. The oh-so-cool Batman Converse...

    8. ...and the whole Batman mania that was the summer of '89:

    9. Dynamite magazines that you only read in your classroom library or at the dentist:

    10. The Children's Place stores that used to have the cutout-hole entrance in the front:

    11. These flip-flops that every kid in the '80s wore:

    12. The "Right to Say No!" commercial that played all the time during cartoons:

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    13. Cap'n O.G. Readmore and his "Reading is where's it's at!" catchphrase:

    14. Play tents that would easily fall apart if you moved wrong:

    15. Wildlife Treasury and the box that you always pinched your fingers on:

    16. My Buddy and Kid Sister, whose jingle is probably playing in your head right now:

    17. Puffy fabric paints that you would use to decorate T-shirts with:

    18. Strawberry Shortcake vitamins that tasted like candy:

    19. Johnson's No More Tangles spray that came in bottles that looked like this:

    20. Garfield pencil huggers that were actually really impractical:

    21. Tupperware stencils that never really created great stencils:

    22. These sketch pads:

    23. Nerds cereal that tasted like pure sugar:

    24. Tinkerbell makeup:

    25. The Over Our Heads store from Facts of Life:

    26. Fireball Island, which made you feel like Indiana Jones while you played it:

    27. These evil shin destroyers:

    28. Snorks, which was a wannabe Smurfs:

    29. The F.H.E. logo that appeared before a whole bunch of your favorite VHS tapes:

    30. Koala Springs, which you felt so, so fancy drinking:

    31. This way-too-important adapter:

    32. Shiny Sandylion stickers:

    33. ...and Mrs. Grossman's stickers, which always had a cute minimal design:

    34. Stereos in glass cabinets that you knew never to touch:

    35. The Haunted House pop-up book:

    36. The nightmare-inducing Mr. Boogedy TV movie:

    37. Shrinky Dinks:

    38. These highway-patrol motorcycle-cop remote control toys that everyone just seemed to have:

    39. Chef Boyardee Tic Tac Toe's pasta:

    40. Wild Strawberry Bubblicious that tasted like sugar, more sugar, and artificial strawberry flavor:

    41. The Montgomery Ward Christmas catalog:

    42. Tuba-Ruba, which was the most uncomfortable game to play:

    43. Character cake pans that resulted in cakes that were 90% frosting:

    44. Welch's glasses:

    45. Pictionary Junior, which you really never ended up playing right:

    46. The Disney's Read-Along book and record series:

    47. Wacky Winders kite spool that tried to make kite spools cool:

    48. Tupperware sippy cups that gave a little bit of a plastic flavor to anything you drank out of them:

    49. Ronald McDonald rag dolls:

    50. These McDonald's glasses that randomly appeared in your family's kitchen:

    51. The Fraggle Rock Happy Meal toys that were all sorts of amazing:

    52. The bendable hand keychain that would start falling apart within a month:

    53. Le Tigre polos:

    54. The Wuzzles, which was gone way too soon:

    55. Rude Dog and the Dweebs, which was also gone way too soon:

    56. Bracelet pens, which dried out super quickly:

    57. These Halloween costumes that were hard to walk in and had a mask that was hard to see out of:

    58. The train from Silver Spoons that every kid dreamed of having in their home:

    59. The McDonald's McKids clothing line that was sold at Sears:

    60. These weird flashes that you would need to put on the camera:

    61. Air Wick's Magic Mushroom air freshener, which looked like a magical toy:

    62. Care Bears books:

    63. This Hanna-Barbera logo:

    64. Panini stickers that were so much fun to collect:

    65. Kitchen stuff with this goose design on it:

    66. The "Blown Away" poster:

    67. The very cool Back to the Future Part II sunglasses that Pizza Hut sold:

    68. Disney's series of educational books that were a delight to read:

    69. These Disney rerelease movie posters that you could get at McDonald's with your Happy Meal:

    70. Disney Dollars, which you actually never wanted to spend whenever you were at a Disney park:

    71. Nickelodeon's Noozles cartoon series (which was an afternoon staple):

    72. The Fisher-Price Little People Airport play set:

    73. Hootbot, who was cute until its eyes turned red and freaked you out:

    74. The bitchy Tootsie Roll Pop owl:

    75. Dustbusters that looked like this:

    76. Mac and Me, which even as a kid you knew was a bad movie:

    77. These sheets that every kid owned:

    78. That's Incredible!, which was also something they yelled, like, 230 times throughout the episode:

    79. General Foods International Coffee, which you thought was the fanciest coffee ever:

    80. High-heeled–pump novelty telephones, which you also thought were fancy:

    81. Animalia, which featured some AMAZING illustrations:

    82. Salad bars at Burger King:

    83. Michael Jackson appearing as "Michael Jackstone" on The Flintstone Kids' "Just Say No" special:

    84. The Peanut Butter Solution, which was the freakiest movie ever:

    85. Dragon's Lair, which nobody knew how to play but was super cool to look at:

    86. Vuarnet T-shirts that you wore with pegged jeans:

    87. This playground thing that you could get seriously hurt on (or burned with if it was a hot day):

    88. This novelty gift that had ZERO purpose:

    89. The utterly delightful Ralph S. Mouse adaptations that aired on ABC Weekend Specials:

    90. Jerry O'Connell as a kid with superpowers on My Secret Identity:

    91. Giggles cookies, which had faces that creeped you out a little:

    92. The Sweet Pickles van, which was filled with flash cards:

    93. Tang Trio PVC figures, which always seemed to just randomly appear in your toy box:

    94. Morris the Cat from the 9Lives cat-food commercials:

    95. These change purses:

    96. Pencil sharpeners that looked like this:

    97. The Snoopy Sno-cone Machine:

    98. Avon Camelot books that had those very distinctive covers:

    99. This alarm clock that everyone's parents owned in the '80s:

    100. And finally, the oh-so-magical intro to The Disney Sunday Movie:

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