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    40 "Facts" That No Millennial Would Dispute

    Destiny's Child was ROBBED of an Oscar and you can't tell us otherwise!

    1. That iPod Nanos are still oh-so-cool, even if they are obsolete technology:

    2. That the girl falling from the bus on Next is one of the most iconic moments in TV history:

    3. That you had to watch this show with one finger on the remote control in case your parents walked in:

    4. That Destiny's Child deserved the Oscar for Best Original Song for "Independent Women, Part 1":

    5. That there will never be a cooler or more sleekly designed phone than the Motorola Razr:

    6. That the Dell Dude could sell you anything:

    7. That you secretly hoped that "black-light test" on Room Raiders would reveal something embarrassing just for your amusement:

    8. That anti-skip protection was just a big lie:

    9. That even though you knew this was full of gross germs, you still HAD to play with it:

    10. That there has never been a more iconic collab than "Lady Marmalade":

    11. That Bob from Bob's Burgers will never not sound like Coach McGuirk from Home Movies:

    12. That Orbitz really weren't that great, but you drank them anyway:

    13. That you only watched Undressed for the sex scenes:

    14. That if you ever hear the word "metrosexual" you immediately think of David Beckham:

    15. That there isn't a more startlingly loud moment than this intro:

    16. That even though these tore up the inside of your mouth, they were the best candies ever:

    17. That even though these were EVERYWHERE and are played out, you still deep-down love Takashi Murakami's Louis Vuitton bags:

    18. That there is no better song to scream all the words to than "Sk8er Boi":

    19. That you felt like a genius when you discovered that you could download celebrity skins for The Sims:

    20. That there was nothing more irritating than downloading music, leaving it overnight, and seeing that it “timed out” or some shit by morning:

    21. That there was a lot of struggle in deciding how to fill 80 minutes on a CD:

    22. That you went through a roller coaster of emotions whenever you burned a CD:

    23. That MTV Cribs peaked with the ICONIC Mariah Carey episode:

    24. That the MTV VMAs peaked in 2003:

    25. And that none of the current pop girls can ever bring what Britney brought to the VMAs:

    26. That The Emperor's New Groove is one of the most underrated Disney movies ever:

    27. That the intro to Malcolm in the Middle was such a jam:

    28. That there was no bigger thrill than coming home and seeing a new Myspace friend request:

    29. That NOTHING caused more drama than removing someone from your Top 8:

    30. That you couldn't get enough of the twists and turns on Alias:

    31. That this didn't taste like berries at all; it was more like medicine:

    32. That this was the only acceptable thing to do whenever Internet Explorer crashed:

    33. That this was the best place to spend time whenever you were bored:

    34. That it was important to document your every move on your AIM away message:

    35. That no matter how many times you had seen it, you could always rewatch VH1's I Love the '80s and I Love the '90s series:

    36. That you were always curious about what was inside the issues of A&F Quarterly:

    37. That you were genuinely heartbroken when these two stopped being friends:

    38. That half the excitement of a new Harry Potter book was going to the midnight release for it at your local bookstore:

    39. That even for the time, NSYNC dressed like a mess:

    40. And finally, that you can hear this commercial by just looking at this image: