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35 "Facts" That Everyone Between The Ages 25–32 Can Agree On

No millennial would dispute these.

1. That there will never be a cooler or more sleekly designed phone than the Motorola Razr.

2. That 90% of the fun of playing in The Sims was designing the house.

3. That no matter what people say, Juicy Couture tracksuits still look good.

4. That anti-skip protection was just a big lie.

5. That there has never been a more iconic collab than "Lady Marmalade."

6. That even though these tore up the inside of your mouth, they were the best candies ever:

7. That there is no better song to scream all the words to than "Hollaback Girl."

8. That there isn't a more startlingly loud moment than this intro:

9. That there was nothing more irritating than downloading music, leaving it overnight, and seeing that it “timed out” or some shit by morning.

10. That the "black-light test" on Room Raiders caused severe secondhand embarrassment.

11. That there was a lot of struggle in deciding how to fill 80 minutes on a CD.

12. That you went through a roller coaster of emotions whenever you burned a CD.

13. That it's disappointing that Lindsay Lohan didn't have more of a singing career.

14. That Next was the original Tinder.

15. That the MTV VMAs peaked in 2003.

16. That MTV Cribs peaked with the ICONIC Mariah Carey episode.

17. That there was no more blissful feeling than hearing this commercial:

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18. That Ashanti and Ja Rule duets were very important.

19. That everyone in this age group knows all the words to Blink-182's "All the Small Things."

20. That you felt anguish whenever Blockbuster ran out of the new release you wanted.

21. That this was the only acceptable thing to do whenever Internet Explorer crashed:

22. That this is the saddest scene in a movie EVER:

23. That it was important to document your every move on your AIM Away Message.

24. That Mean Girls is the most quotable movie EVER.

25. That Mean Girls 2 does NOT exist.

26. That TRL was never the same after Carson Daly left.

27. That the Warner Bros. Studio Store was the coolest store in the mall.

28. That Abercrombie & Fitch was the most divisive store you could shop at.

29. That there was no bigger thrill than coming home and seeing a new Myspace friend request.

30. That NOTHING caused more drama than removing someone from your Top 8.

31. That you can't hear Natasha Bedingfield's "Unwritten" without thinking of The Hills.

32. That there has never been a more iconic duo:

33. That Nick and Jessica's breakup felt like such a betrayal.

34. That A Goofy Movie is one of the best movies of the '90s.

35. And finally, that nothing gave you more joy than passive-aggressively putting shady lyrics in your AIM profile because you were mad at your friend.