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29 Unforgettable Things All '90s Teenage Girls Did In The Summer

::Sprays Sun-In in hair and prays for highlights.::

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2. Putting Sun-In in your hair to achieve beautiful ~golden~ highlights — even though you knew it wouldn't work on you.


Really all you got were burnt orange highlights that also made your hair as dry as straw.


3. Having one of these as your go-to pool/beach/lake/pond bag:


Somehow you managed to squeeze a towel, a couple of magazines, a change of clothes, suntan lotion, CD Walkman (with backup batteries), CDs, a bathing suit, and a bottle of Sun-In into this.


9. well as to catch the latest dance moves on The Grind.

Yeah, you said you were watching The Grind to learn the latest dance moves, but really it was all about Eric Nies.


13. Rocking the shit out of sunflower prints...

15. Organizing and reorganizing the contents of your Caboodles whenever you got bored.

Which let's be honest, happened a lot.

16. Also overly plucking your eyebrows from boredom.

Oh Drew, you gave us so much to aspire to in the thin-thin brow department.

17. Spending an afternoon taking photos and selfies of you and your friends with your disposable camera, and then quickly taking it to the one-hour photo place to get them developed.


Of course you immediately ripped up and threw away the photos you didn’t like of yourself.


18. Cooling down with one of these refreshments:

Yeah, they only made you more thirsty on a hot day, but they were sooo good.

19. Wearing your Steve Madden platform sandals with the stretchy vamp with EVERYTHING.


Weddings, backyard BBQs, dinner at your grandmas, Fourth of July party — yup, these were appropriate for all of them.

20. Making it a "Blockbuster Night" with your BFF and getting pissed at her movie choices.

"Um, no, I don't want to watch Speed AGAIN. Can't we rent The Craft instead?"


23. Hanging out at the mall ALL DAY and not buying a single thing.

It was really THE place to be seen.

24. Bringing out your inner hippie and tie-dying your old stained T-shirts and dresses.

And then being too embarrassed to wear them the following school year.

25. Sporting your shortalls whenever you wanted to feel tomboy cute.

27. Spending all morning and afternoon talking to that ONE friend who somehow managed to get herself grounded all summer.


"Yeah, sorry you're grounded, Amanda, but I got to go. We're all meeting up in 10 minutes by the Dairy Queen at the mall."

29. And finally, waiting for the fall Delia's catalog to arrive so you could begin picking out your back-to-school outfits.

And thinking, This time my parents will buy me everything I circle in the catalog.


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