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    27 Very, Very Random Things You Haven't Thought About Since The '90s

    When was the last time you thought about Apple Cinnamon Cheerios?

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    1. These school fundraisers chocolate bars — that you ended up secretly eating instead of selling:

    2. Kudos granola bars, which were the perfect after school snack:

    3. The plastic Nintendo cartridges dust sleeves that were actually fun to play with by themselves:


    4. The Sally Jessy Raphael Show, which was ~required~ viewing whenever you stayed home sick from school:

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    5. Plastic stencil kits that you'd use to make all your greeting cards with:

    6. Chunky cordless phones with the pull-out antenna:

    7. Stacks of envelopes (usually in a box) with photos your parents never put in albums:

    8. This ~news~ show that was on like at 5:30 p.m.:

    9. Disney Dollars, which you almost never wanted to spend at the parks 'cause they looked so cool:

    10. This vacuum you actually used as a toy:

    11. This inevitable moment:


    12. The other science show (that wasn't Bill Nye) that made learning fun:

    Sony Pictures Television

    13. Cable boxes that blinded you with red lights:

    14. These Disney books that required the Jaws of Life to open:

    15. These merry-go-round things at McDonald's PlayPlaces:

    16. Wrist fanny packs that could basically only hold around three dollar bills:

    17. Pop Shot cards that you bought more to play with than to actually give away:

    18. These things that felt great on your face, but smelled like a bag of nickels.

    19. Snapple in glass bottles:

    20. These Chuck E. Cheese's prizes — that were the only things you could get if you had like 25 tickets:

    21. The Energizer Bunny:


    22. Glow-in-the-dark building blocks that looked so futuristic:


    23. Apple Cinnamon Cheerios which left your milk tasting like apple pie:

    24. Brain Quest games:

    25. Bath & Body Works' Art Stuff line, which smelled soooo good and left you all glittery:

    26. Taco Bells that looked like something straight out of Saved by the Bell:

    27. And finally, the Nickelodeon Super Toy run, which was the childhood equivalent of winning the lottery:

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