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    27 Things You Forgot You Missed About Summer In The '90s

    'Cause you still know all the moves to the Spice Girls videos.

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    1. The joy you got from being able to pick any movie you wanted from Blockbuster and then being able to stay up and watch it ANY night of the week.

    2. The fun you had playing with your Skip-It.


    Well, at least until it started to hurt your ankles. Also, the annoyance of having the counter break on you.

    3. The terrifying fun you had playing with your Rollerblades.

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    4. Getting the highest level among your friends in Chinese jump rope.


    Then using your jump rope to play cat's cradle.

    5. Trying not get splashed when playing with a Splash Out.


    Or, if you didn't have a Splash Out, trying not to get hit when throwing water balloons.

    6. Watching your favorite Disney movie over and over.


    Also that bit of satisfaction you got from biting on the ends of the VHS case.

    7. Singing along to Radio Disney on family car trips.

    Warner Bros.

    And also the thrill of getting a semi-truck to honk its horn.

    8. Of course, you never went on a car trip without this:

    9. Creating works of art with chalk on your parents' driveway.


    "Why yes, Mom and Dad, that is the opening scene from The Lion King."

    10. The all-out neighborhood war you had with Super Soakers.

    11. Ordering your favorite ice cream bar from the ice cream truck.


    Pink Panther and TMNT ice cream bars FTW.

    12. The endless hours you spent playing Marco Polo.

    13. The endless hours you spent playing Super Nintendo.


    Well, at least until your parents pointed out that you had been playing for way too long.

    14. Taking cool underwater photos with your disposable waterproof camera.


    Then the feeling of anticipation when waiting to get your photos developed, and eventually throwing them all away since they NEVER came out good.

    15. Being jealous of your friend who had Moon Shoes and then fighting over who got to take a turn to play with them.

    16. The smell and the sound of the Velcro ball and catch.

    17. The fun of playing long games of Dream Phone and Mall Madness at sleepovers.

    18. Choreographing the ULTIMATE dances in your basement to the Spice Girls.


    19. The feeling of pure bliss as you slid down toward the gator.

    And the terror that there might be a rock along the way.

    20. Getting scared while "camping out" in your backyard 'cause you were reading Goosebumps.


    And, of course, sneaking inside to use the bathroom and to find some snacks.

    21. Catching fireflies, just like they did on Salute Your Shorts.


    And watching as they lit up your hand.

    22. How cool you felt whenever you sported Quiksilver or Roxy board shorts.

    23. Making the ultimate fashion statement with Sun-In.


    WHAT UP, I GOT HIGHLIGHTS. (OK, it just turned your hair orange.)

    24. Spending some serious time catching up on your favorite television shows.


    25. Being allowed to go to the movies without parental guidance, and lying that you were going to see The Hunchback of Notre Dame when you were really going to see The Nutty Professor.


    Then sneaking from showing to showing because YOU COULD.

    26. How refreshing a Capri Sun was on a nice sunny day.


    And the frustration of trying to get the straw through the damn hole.

    27. And when the sun went down, and the street lights came knew it was time to run home — just in time to watch SNICK!

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