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    29 Things That Were Very Much "A Thing" For People Ages 26–35

    Nothing like the warm smell of a VCR.

    1. Watching this screensaver for ~hours~:

    2. Opening and closing a Blockbuster VHS rental case just to hear the "click":

    3. Trying to click on all the colors of this pen at once:

    4. Playing with this exact Fisher-Price Little People parking garage whenever you went to your grandma's house:

    5. Or playing with this exact pin cushion whenever you went to your grandma's house:

    6. Biting on the edge of your VHS clamshell as you watched the movie — it was just so, so satisfying:

    7. Deciding disputes like this:

    8. Sniffing the warm plasticky smell of a VCR after it had played a movie:

    9. Entertaining yourself watching these penguins go up and down the slide:

    10. Or entertaining yourself by fishing:

    11. Wearing your light-up shoes at night or somewhere dark:

    12. ~Injecting~ yourself with lead:

    13. Getting one of these sand bottles whenever you went somewhere beachy:

    14. Trying to get your pencil as small as possible:

    15. Annoying your parents by playing with one of these:

    16. Trying to blow bubbles with one of these bubble lockets:

    17. Getting one of these snakes in a party favor bag:

    18. Putting one of these on your face (even though it smelled like a bag of nickels):

    19. Hating Meredith from The Parent Trap:

    20. Getting anxiety whenever you watched the "cake scene" in Matilda:

    21. Constantly saying, "You're killing me, Smalls."

    22. Cleaning the inside of a mouse 'cause it was just so damn satisfying:

    23. Deciding which Spice Girl you were, which one your friends were, and having a justifiable reason why:

    24. Listening to 30 seconds of music on your HitClips:

    25. Pretending that these tasted like anything other than just wax:

    26. Doing this whenever you played Solitaire on your PC:

    27. Grabbing like 25 coupons from these machines whenever you went to the supermarket with your parents:

    28. Having Nickelodeon Studios as one of the main reasons you wanted to visit Orlando:

    29. And finally, just watching the TV Guide channel when you couldn't decide what to watch: